March 25, 2023

Luís Correia’s Unimed Race 2nd Lot Sale | Unimed SOS

The second batch of recordings for Correr & (A) mar Unimed Teresina. The race takes place on the seashore March 25th In Louis Correa.

The value of the second payment is 90 Brazilian reals. Entries can be made via WhatsApp (86) 99478-5180, or in person at the headquarters of Unimed Teresina In Barnaiba, located on Av. Chagas Rodrigues, 906, Parnaiba Center. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8am-12pm and 2pm-6pm.

The race takes place on the beachfront on March 25th at Louis Correa – Image: Disclosure/Ascom

Upon registration, the athlete is entitled to a courier and (a) navy kit for the day of the competition. Set includes: a shirt with UV protection; eco bag; Sports towel and medal.

With registration, the athlete is entitled to a Correr & (A) mar Kit — Image: Disclosure/Ascom

Correr & (A)mar will have a 3km (walking) and 8km course, starting at 4pm, in Sesc Praia in Luís Correia. The event is an opportunity to renew all energies and celebrate 40 years Unimed Teresina. The program includes partner activation, good health, incentives for sports and healthy habits, as well as prizes and live music.