July 18, 2024

Luisa breaks down in tears at Maurelio’s wake and is supported by the singer’s friend and family

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Luiza Velorio Maurilio
Luiza Velorio Maurilio

singer wake up Morelio Delmont Ribeiro It was full of emotions on Thursday (30). Family and friends were in tears at the artist’s last farewell, which took place in the city council of Imperatriz (MA), his hometown. luisa, who was a partner of the musician, was very touched when she arrived at the venue.

The singer was accompanied by the artist’s wife, Luana Ramos, and his mother, Odessa Delmont. A video clip published by the local newspaper “Imperatriz Informa” showed Luisa crying as she said goodbye to her friend. The artist went to awakening with a T-shirt from flamingo Your partner’s music team heart. Previous BBB Marcella McGowanLuisa’s friend, was also present in the aftermath, to support her lover.

Last night (29), Marcela’s team already said that she would welcome Luisa during this difficult period for the singer. “At this moment of intense mourning, the doctor and digital influencer is gathering with her friend Louisa and her family to join forces at this very difficult moment. We ask for your prayers and thank you for your understanding”Send a note from Previous BBB.

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Many fans also felt sorry for Louisa’s pain. In addition to losing her duet partner on New Year’s Eve, just over a month ago, on her birthday, the singer had to say goodbye to her friend Marilia Mendonca. “Imagine Luisa’s pain… She has lost Maurelio who has been her partner since 2016, and she recently lost Marilia, who was one of her best friends. So much bar… I wish her and her family a lot of strength for now”, lamented a Twitter profile, in the midst of Various expressions of sadness.

Wife’s greeting

This morning (30), Luana Ramos She also paid a touching tribute to her husband. She shared a video of her hitting Morelio’s head, writing: “Rest my love, rest … Thank you for everything, thank you for so much!”. The relationship began when he was still a teenager, in 2009, when the artist was only 16 years old.

Maurelio is scheduled to be buried Thursday afternoon at the São João Batista Cemetery.

Muriel’s death

Singer and songwriter Maurelio, of the duet with Luisa, died on Wednesday (29) at the age of 28 years. The information was confirmed by the duo’s press office. He was taken to a hospital in Goiania (GO), after he went into cardiac arrest and was diagnosed with pulmonary thromboembolism. Since then, the artist’s health condition has passed into critical condition.

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“It is with great sadness that we inform the passing of Maurelio Delmont Ribeiro, our husband, son, artist and, above all, a human being of the highest dignity, who leaves us early on this day of mourning for all his family, friends and legion of fans. The death occurred at 4:05 pm today ( 12/29), with death certificate signed by Dr. Wandervan Antonio Azevedo. We can only thank God for the 28 years we shared with someone who inspired and taught us so much, loved and loved so many people, in the certainty that his story will continue to guide us in this plan”The staff said.

Hours earlier, Morelio had experienced a worsening of his clinical condition. According to information from the doctor, Endrevan Azevedo, responsible for the singer’s case, pneumonia complicated the condition of the musician, who was admitted to the intensive care unit for about two weeks. The medical team had to give another dose of antibiotics. In addition, the artist was undergoing constant dialysis.

Maurelio has been hospitalized since December 15.  (Photo: flanne gonzalez)
Maurelio has been hospitalized since December 15. (Photo: flanne gonzalez)

Maurelio has been in hospital since December 15, when he fell ill after recording the DVD “No é o Fim do Mundo” by Zé Felipe and Miguel. At that time, he fell on stage and was saved by the producer and his partner Luisa, who accompanied him to the hospital.

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Morelio’s profession

The 28-year-old singer released his debut album alongside his music partner in 2017 and since then they have been a hit across the country. Luisa and Morelio They are best known for the song “S de Saudade”, released in 2019, with sertanejos Zé Neto & Cristiano, as well as other songs such as “Pode Sumir” and “Modo Avião”. The duo has also been recorded under other well-known names in Brazilian music, such as alcyonQueen of eternal suffering Marilia Mendonca As well as Jorge and Gabriel Deniz.

We wish much strength and comfort to the singer’s family, friends and fans at this difficult time.

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