December 3, 2023
Luísa Sonza

Luisa Sunza talks about the process of moral damage after the fans were charged and the decision was announced

This Monday (19), Luisa Sunza Suspended on the lawsuit for moral damages brought against her. The case became public in 2020, when attorney Isabel Macedo, a black woman, went to court alleging that the artist had confused a party employee and was treated “cruelly”. In the Twitterthe star provided a long text about the situation.

“Guys, I’m keeping track of everything and my silence these days not because I didn’t want to talk about it, but because this time I needed to think and talk to people and understand some issues that I thought I had better mastered, but I realized that no”started.

Then Luisa thanked fans for asking for a stand. “I want to thank you who, rightly, cost me, and to say how important all this is to me. I learned to delve into history from another perspective and to understand the pain of the other. I put myself in his shoes. And I understood that it must always be so. I realized that everyone Even people like me, who consider themselves allies for social causes, always need more study and search for more knowledge and more sympathy.”said the blonde.

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She also announced her decision and revealed what are the next steps in the process. “I am taking this situation as an opportunity to try to be better, as I have always tried to do every time something happens to me, publicly or not. Therefore, my decision is to request a private hearing to resolve the process amicably, and accept the amount requested by the plaintiff,” She said.

“I am not afraid to make my privileges, which I know I have, available to draw attention to these social issues and try to reduce any kind of discrimination. Finally, I would like to make it clear that in 2020, when it was opened, this case was made public, a moral compensation claim – I am not responding to a criminal case, as it has been revealed, and no other case is in progress.”he completed.

In recent days, the order reverberated due to the postponement of a scheduled hearing between the two parties after the link to the virtual session was leaked on the Internet. As a result, the process was placed under judicial secrecy.

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In 2020, journalist Erlan Bastos released Operation Moral Damage in which Luisa was accused of confusing Isabel with an employee of the gastronomic festival in Posada Ze Maria, two years earlier. The woman was celebrating her birthday and the singer was one of the attractions of the night.

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After watching the show, the lawyer reportedly overdid the blonde when she went to the bathroom. At this moment, she was approached with a slap on the arm, while the artist asked her to offer a glass of water. According to the description of the document, the victim did not understand what was happening at first and asked the star to repeat the question. “This is when the artist, in the same harsh tone, ordered the lawyer to bring a glass of water, because she was thirsty.”reported the case referred to the Civil Court of the District of Rio de Janeiro.

Isabelle said she wondered why the singer thought she was an employee of the establishment, because all the workers were in uniform. According to the lawsuit, Louisa would have avoided, “leaving no doubt that she knew she had delivered a biased judgment due to the racist traits” of the attorney.

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In the lawsuit, the girl sought compensation in the amount of 10,000 Brazilian reais for moral damages, the public retraction of Luísa Sonza and the hostel on social networks, the installation of anti-racist posters in the institution where the crime was to take place, and the sentencing of the accused to pay costs, proceedings and attorneys’ fees.

At the time, Luisa denied what had happened. “Guys, this is all a lie! Don’t believe! I wouldn’t have that kind of situation. You know me well, you know my character and my nature. I would never offend someone else because of the color of their skin. Never! This accusation is ridiculous. My team is already taking all legal steps in This issue “I wrote.

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