January 28, 2023
Luiz Filipe explains the dismissal after Lazio's win over Inter: "It was an innocent act" |  italian football

Luiz Filipe explains the dismissal after Lazio’s win over Inter: “It was an innocent act” | italian football

Defender Luiz Filipe, of Lazio, caught the eye last Saturday when he was sent off after Lazio beat Inter Milan, 3-1, in the eighth round of the league. Italian Championship. The Brazilian received the red card for celebrating by jumping on the back of his former teammate Joaquin Correa, now Inter Milan player, after 90 minutes. “It was an innocent act,” the defender explained.

I apologize to those who were offended and make it clear that I did not in any way try to disrespect him with other athletes or with the international organization and its ardent fans. The player said it was an innocent act, from someone with great affection for “Tucu”.

Luis Felipe, from Lazio, celebrates on the back of former team-mate Joaquin Correa, now at Inter – Photo: Reproduction

Lazio player since 2016, the defender played with Joaquin Correa for three seasons in the Romanian team. The Brazilian claims that he has a strong friendship with the Argentine player, who moved to Inter Milan at the beginning of the current season. But he acknowledges that he is exalted in celebration.

It’s important to make it clear that I respect Inter or any other club. We are all professionals, working towards our goals, and we will never lack respect with another fellow professional. At the end of the game, I ended up jumping on Toko’s back because he’s one of the great friends football has given me. Our families are friends and we have always been very close. There, what I wanted most was to hug him and laugh about the outcome, as our friendship allows, but I got excited. Perhaps, on second thought, this was not the best time or the most appropriate place – the player concluded.

With this win, Lazio now has 14 points and is fifth in the Italian championship. The defeat knocked the current champion Inter Milan from undefeated in the competition. Milan, with 17 points, remained in third place, and leaders Napoli could be seen distancing themselves in completing the eighth round.