March 26, 2023

Lula refuses to condemn the abuses of Ortega’s dictatorship. And now TSE, can you speak up?

On October 19 of last year, the traditional newspaper Correio Braziliense boasted the following headline:

“The Tokyo Stock Exchange bans fake news linking Lula to the Nicaraguan dictatorship – the minister pointed out the fake news and the insult to the honor of the Workers’ Party candidate. Allies of President Jair Bolsonaro made the leaflets.”

Note that the newspaper not only supports unfounded censorship, but actually calls it Bolsonarian fake news.

Plain fact, Lula and the Nicaraguan dictator have been partners for 40 years.

And in full cooperation with Correio, headlines came from UOL, CNN, the American portal Yahoo, O Globo and the entire big press.

To the Spanish portal Terra, in a text written by Lander Porcella on 10/24/22, Lula got carried away with suspicion and unleashed this message: Lula says Bolsonaro is “infinitely worse” than Daniel Ortega, from Nicaragua. For Betista, the president “doesn’t think democratically” and what will be at stake is whether Brazil “will want to promote authoritarianism”.

Now this is big fake news.

Just four months later, and without the need to deceive the electorate, Lula assumes his connections to a dictator who hunts down, tortures, and kills his opponents, be they pastors, priests, or journalists.

During a meeting at the United Nations Human Rights Council on Friday, more than 50 countries issued a joint declaration condemning Daniel Ortega’s crimes – and Brazilian diplomacy, led by Lula, did not sign, remaining cowardly in silence.

German researcher Jan-Michael Simon, coordinator of the UN study group, told the press:

“Using the justice system against political opponents the way it is done in Nicaragua is exactly what the Nazi regime did,” he said.

Simon mentioned, for example, the recent action taken by the regime to revoke the citizenship of more than 300 dissidents and to send some of them, who were political prisoners in Managua, to the United States.

This is exactly what the Nazis did in the past, too.”

Wow, I thought ‘Human Rights’ was a priority for the Labor government.

Where will be the Minister of Human Rights and Citizenship Silvio Almeida?

Does he support a regime similar to the Nazi regime?

Not only does Daniel Ortega order crimes against Nicaraguan citizens, he personally commits them.

In 2017, Nicaraguan national, refugee in Florida, Elvia G. Flores Castillo, 28, filed a serious accusation against the president of her country, Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega Saavedra.

“I am a victim of Daniel Ortega, I have been harassed and then raped since I was 15,” she declares – this is in addition to the persecution of Christians, Lola Ortega’s boyfriend is a rapist.

On the list of the joint declaration were traditional Western powers such as the United States, Australia, Canada, Germany and France.

In order for Brazilian diplomacy (ordered by Ambassador Mauro Vieira) to become larger, the “ideological excuse” could not be used, as left-wing governments in Latin America such as Chile and Colombia signed the document.

Even Chile’s far-left president, Gabriel Boric, went so far as to call Ortega a “dictator”. Peru, Guatemala, Paraguay and Ecuador have also signed the declaration.

The report denounces the systematic executions carried out by members of the National Police and members of pro-government paramilitary groups who acted jointly and coordinated during the protests that took place between 18 April and 23 September 2018.

The government has obstructed any investigation into these and other deaths.

Since December 2018, at least 3,144 civil society organizations have closed down.

All independent media and human rights organizations work from abroad because they would be summarily killed inside Nicaragua.

Lula, in turn, is diplomatically isolated, being the only democratic country to support the dictatorships of Nicaragua and Venezuela and the religious despotism of Iran.

The question of Minister Silvio Almeida remains whether Lula is a “democratic leader” in opposition to Bolsonaro, whom the Workers’ Party calls authoritarian; Why does Lula get along so well with tyrants? And why were these dictators so opposed to Bolsonaro?