February 8, 2023
Luxembourg admits Sampaio and Cruzeiro equal "Modar" the second time with |  Sea trip

Luxembourg admits Sampaio and Cruzeiro equal “Modar” the second time with | Sea trip

The second half of the 1-1 draw between Sampaio Correia and Cruzeiro in Castellao, dismayed all the spectators. He didn’t even have to be a fan of both teams to complain. Only one submission in 47 minutes. But Fox coach Vanderley Luxemburgo was not satisfied with the performance.

When asked about the team’s second consecutive poor performance – the other was in a 3-0 loss to Vitoria – the coach admitted that Sampaio and Cruzeiro equalized.

“After that, we played football for a long time … Both teams started managing the score. I could go on, but I played with the defender, with the steering wheel, I went to the side of the field, because the score went up to 47 points”

The score raised both teams to 47 points, virtually eliminating relegation risks for both.

– Regardless of not being specified (permanence), the world must fall so that the club with 47 points can go down. And we still play a game against Náutico, where we need to add points – said the coach, who also assessed the chances Cruzeiro created.

Luxembourg coach Cruzeiro – Photo: childbearing

– We had two real chances, with Claudinho and Thiago. They had two, one not. Then there was the set-piece goal, where Leo plays a great role.

In another questioning at the press conference, the coach said he did not see a problem with managing the result, mainly because he was left behind in his pursuit of equality and still had a home match. The draw in Maranhão means Vitoria can no longer make it to Cruzeiro at the table.

We played a game in which the result of a draw was fun for both teams. They scored 1-0, we chased after it, we tied it, and then we got the score. What’s the problem with management, if you have the possibility to go a little further and have another game at home?

The cruise can eliminate the small fall hazards that still exist even before encountering the navy. On Friday, Londrina and Remo play away against Villa Nova and Vasco, respectively. If one of them falters, the Minas Gerais team will be sports-guaranteed in the second division.