June 4, 2023

Luxemburgo asks the team to celebrate the equalizer and points out Corinthians’ biggest problem | Corinthians

– Under these circumstances, coming from 3 to 0 in Rio de Janeiro, a draw, a defeat, and then I got here in a tense environment, I managed to control the environment and emotions to play a derby, a derby draw … if you ask if you think that Corinthians You will lose, what do you say?

– We didn’t play a great match, and neither did Sao Paulo. It was a mild, quiet classic. Regarding the result, I asked the players to “celebrate the equalizer”, but only because it is our moment, but playing at home we have an obligation to the result. It’s a growing job. After a bad result, I managed to balance the team – said Luxemburgo, in his first response at the press conference.

The 71-year-old coach admitted that a possible breach of the taboo by Sao Paulo could cause problems for Timão in the sequence of the season, thus the team avoided exposing themselves in the final minutes of the duel. Timão has never lost against opponents at home (17 matches).

Emotion was evident when we conceded the goal. What did you work on earlier in the lecture? I said: “We must leave the last game, improve the internal environment.” There is one thing in football that you can never take away, and that is for the fans.

“I don’t want to be part of that negative story. Sao Paulo hasn’t won here for ten years (there are nine since 2014). I didn’t want to be the guy who lost. The players too. That’s a job we did too, in the end we had what It follows: “We will not lose.” It is not a fear of losing, but we are in a moment of instability, and Sao Paulo has not won here for years – he explained.

Corinthians 1 x 1 Sao Paulo – Highlights – Round 6 of the 2023 Brazil Championship

– I still want to score high points on the opponent’s court, we still don’t have a physical stage for our demands. It’s not an exact science, you put it in a test tube and “boom”. The most important thing was getting the team back from a 3-0 defeat to being able to play the derby.

For Luxembourg, the main problem for Corinthians It is about the emotional problem, which was controlled in this match, but it may remain an issue in the upcoming matches.

Football is very complicated, I have a week and ten days here, and people want you to change many things as if it were an exact science. not. There are many things that need to be done to find balance. The biggest problem Corinthians It’s emotional. Did you know it’s been a year since Corinthians Didn’t you get punished here? They duel, but it was a penalty kick. If you don’t enter the zone, there is no competition. We put another offended and insinuated kid… I kept a tactical position, if you played against Fortaleza, Botafogo and Sao Paulo, the team played with three midfielders and three strikers. We found this out, but it’s not overnight.

– I conceded a goal in which Roger went to take a free kick, hit the guy and they said “defense failed”. It was our ball, lack of attack. It wasn’t even Roger that he took the free kick, today he actually went into the area. If you are facing the area, you can give it a try. But aside? It all happens as you put it… I think we’re growing, but we need to grow as a whole to be a competitive team – he thought about it.

Corinthians x Sao Paulo, Vanderlei Luxemburgo – Photo: Marcos Ripoli

The coach also talked about betting on the base boys. In Majestoso, Wesley, who came on as a starter and ended up suffering Rafinha penalty, was the highlight of Majestoso, for Roger Guedes to guide and score Timão’s goal. But Felipe Augusto and Matheus Araujo also entered the game.

– They are players that we will give the chance, we have to form a team with them, but we have to raise the bar, be a winner, and show the fans that the team is developing to be competitive in the competition.

Football needs management, football managers. It’s a business, if you look at the level of assets and liabilities, Pedro, Wesley, Felipe… You start making a change, you make room for the kids, you’re an asset to the club, to make money. And they have quality, otherwise there would be no benefit. Felipe entered Yuri’s place because he was tired, – explained Luxemburgo.

Now, the coach needs to focus on his work on the Brazil Cup match. This Wednesday, Timão enters the field to face Atlético-MG, in Belo Horizonte, for the Round of 16, in Mineirao. The second leg will be played on the 31st.

See other points from the Vanderlei Luxemburgo press conference:

mental part
– We’re getting better, we already got a draw against Fortaleza. Sao Paulo had a goal disallowed, we tied and there was a penalty kick that was difficult to get out of. And falling behind belongs to football, it’s hard to win, it’s good to go forward. I don’t care what happened back then, now is the time to write it down and get to work. I noticed that there is an evolution in this process. Is this what I want? not yet.

Wesley’s position
– I already did that in the game against Botafogo, I started with Wesley on the right, then I passed him on the left, and I put Murillo as a sidekicker to put the ball in for him. Roger can play on the right, on the left, he’s a wing player. Sao Paulo’s left winger started to put his hand on the tackle, and I pulled the boy (Wesley) in there. Then the linebacker pushed him back, so I switched to a new player on the right and left. Rafinha was deteriorating a lot, and Roger is not the player who scores until the end. The penalty kick is awarded because the young striker, who, like him, has an explosiveness, must enter the area, swing his body and hit the target. I want this to happen.

Careca comments crowd sound

home games
– crowd Corinthians It will help as I did. Then he will frown, but in the game he will not scoff […] We know that here Corinthians You have to do 85%, 90% of the points. This is not true and we have to change. I said to the players: “Well, it’s a draw, we didn’t lose,” but we can’t go home satisfied. Here with Sao Paulo, Flamengo, whoever it is, we have to look for victory. We need to go back, the masses are active. We went into the game 3-0, and look how many people came here today.

Duet Roger Guedes and Yuri Alberto
“I don’t want to endorse anything, man. I want to dissolve rather than endorse, if I don’t dissolve, I’m ripped off. I need to find a way to play both. I have to be careful what I say. Did I train with Roger to follow, or did I have another player?” To support Bedouin? I’m turning around to make it happen. If you look at it today, Roger took time when he went to the baseline to get the ball. There was really an evolution in Roger, knowing he needed to be involved in the defensive part, not just the offensive part, and that’s something It happens day by day, in a growing process.

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