October 7, 2022
Simon Mayle, diretor da ILTM North America

Luxury travel to the United States should be more

PANROTAS / Rodrigo Vieira

Simon Above, Director da ILTM North America

Riviera Maya – Best Date, Impossible. ILDM North America was relaunched in 2021 after being discontinued due to the Govt-19 epidemic. On the same day as the opening day cocktail party, the US government announced the reopening of borders for November, which has not yet been described by Joe Biden’s team.

As Travelweek ILDM became Latin America through ILDM, the edition of the luxury exhibition in Mexico focused entirely on the North American market: ILDM North America. The various hotels on display at the event, DMCs and products from the United States, 75% of buyers are from the United States. The declaration of open boundaries applies to both acceptance and emission. Those who had long-term business at Riviera Maya had a reason to streamline their plans.

“For these suppliers, for buyers, for all of us, the news was well received and it was very celebrated. It could not be a better time,” says ILTM North America Director Simon Above. “For the rest of the world, this resume of the United States is fundamental. It is the largest global travel publisher, and they are also leaders in the luxury world. This opening has given us great confidence. Initially, there was a warning that there would be some challenges for reopened hotels.

Bigger than ever

Larissa Ejenbaum, Independent Adviser Beyond Embark, Celebrates News Time ILTM was in North America when the announcement was made. This is always higher than the average ticket sales, long stays and little control of luxury consumers.

PANROTAS / Rodrigo Vieira

Larissa Ejenbaum, Embark beyond Independent Advisor

Larissa Ejenbaum, Embark beyond Independent Advisor

“It’s annoying to travel to the United States. My customers called me before the reopening announcement. Now my phone will not be disconnected.

“There are many customers who do not leave Brazil during the epidemic and the costs usually dedicated to international travel are waiting for the next ship. Consultants, we must intensify our work, but that is part of the game. Service and agility are paramount for luxury travelers.”

Beyond being an independent consultant, Embark says it makes a difference this time around because the brand is well-known in North America, with good partners and excellent deals. “Luxury hotel chains pay special attention beyond Embark. We participate in the loyalty programs of a Virtuoso company and some of the best hotels in the world. Not to mention that an IC from the chain is part of a team. Support and training,” says Larissa Ezenbam.

Launched a week ago, Pendry Manhattan West in New York integrates the thinking of the North American luxury hotel industry regarding the opening of borders to Brazil. “At the beginning of the project, we already considered Brazil as a major market for us, our location near designer shops, our way of life and the love of Brazilians in the city. Well, we opened our property, the reopening was reduced like a glove this time around. We expect a lot of sales.”

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