M Pokora: his return to a great pump, would it not be a bit too much ?

M Pokora: son retour en grande pompe ne serait-il pas un peu too much ?

M Pokora has not skimped on the means to announce his upcoming tour, Pyramid Tour. But, wouldn’t it be a little bit too ?

M Pokora sleeps in a water purple, referring to a sinecure as deserved. But even at rest, it recalls the best moments of his shows dantesque. The cheering crowd, the accomplishment of being on stage… The lack is obvious. The blond is ready to get out of his pyramid, as a powerful (and cheap) halo proves it by puncturing the screen. This scenario is none other than that of the last and tinsel teaser of “Pyramid” Tour, the next tour is announced by the artist on November 20. If the video hasn’t broken the internet (she doesn’t even have 100 000 clicks), you have not been able to move to the side. As it is… a grotesque (sorry, not sorry). If well as the drafting of MCE, we asked the question. You love well, friend M Pokora, but would it also not a bit too ?

M Pokora is the plays to the american

“Much more than a concert “. Here are the promises of the voice-over that accompanies the advertisement of his tour, to see on TF1. M Pokora is not afraid of anything, and to care for his comeback, not deprive yourself of absolutely nothing fancy. No superlative. It is wonderful to see a French singer as ambitious, this is not fake. But all these frills could also give a bitter taste of pretension. First, and most important, because, once again, the young man is taken for what it is not.

Here, he plays an artist in the u.s., with special effects galore. If while on the set of ” The earthling’s Saturday “, the columnist Yann Moix has been a joy to disassemble the displays of the show. “It is a mixture of cover of manual of scientology, the album cover for Iron Maiden’s cover of cyber porn, and displays of bowling alley, karaoke centre commercial Velizy 2… “. It is a little strong coffee (especially the part of mr. Moix, not a reference in terms of good taste), but… not completely false. Even quite true.

M Pokora, the risk of a new failure

And then, is it really necessary to remind you of how the first immersion of the frenchy of the Atlantic has finished ? Go, a reminder. Eager to embody the Justin Timberlake local, the one who wanted to become a footballer is paid for the services of the producer of the moment. To know Timbaland. With him, he signs ” MP3 “, an album entirely in the language of Shakespeare. The unthinkable, the dream. The first single from the album, ” Dangerous “, runs at the bottom of the turbines.

But those who follow (including “Catch me if you can” with Julie Ricci guest) are catastrophic failures. Not to say annoying. For the friend Pokora, it is the beginning of a long journey through the desert. Up to his resurrection, thanks to his participation in the show ” Dancing with the stars “. The following, everybody knows it. The blond once again became the favorite singer of the ancient times, particularly through times of Jean-Jacques Goldman and Claude François. For the record, the opus devoted to the last, ” My way “, sold 600 000 copies in France. In the era of the crisis of the disk, the performance is more than honourable, not to say incredible.

Only here, it is also this which makes us doubt. What sauce M Pokora va-t-it we eating this time ? Who does it take ? Michel Berger ? Florent Pagny ? Francky Vincent ? Who will he draw ? The weeknd ? Prince ? In spite of scores admirable, and of a powerful community of fans, this is where the shoe pinches. At the age of 33, cannot always be not mean that is M Pokora. What is his style ? Its singularity ? May it shine, far from the inspirations and occasions ?

M Pokora, the number 1 shows, despite the criticism

However, and admittedly, the fans are (and will be) waiting for you. As always, hop on the internets is enough to realize that. Forums and pages of comments are filled with cries of the heart from all the fans. Which had apparently the months of absence from their idol (around ten according to their estimation). It is in the end very little, but already too much for them ! And especially enough to attracted the envy. Well played MP.

Proof is, the singer is already the number 1 class performances in the hexagon. The ticket office was officially opened on 29 November. And the fans did not hesitate for too long before rushing in to grab their ticket. A real achievement, especially as to promote this new series of concerts, M Pokora has not done much.

Extract Point of clip. No single on the horizon. Just the word-of-mouth backed by the famous teaser described above, so. Suffice to say that the milf has no interest to disappoint his public. The mystery was called in, of course. But a disc disappointing could, of course, scare them away. Response in a few weeks/months so…

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