February 1, 2023

Macedo says that Edinho used the king’s mysterious treasury in Villa

Macedo, who was present at Pele’s wake, revealed this EdinhoSon of the King of Football, he used his father’s woolen wardrobe during the Peixe Games at Villa Belmero

The former player also stated that he had received a “call from Pele”. To go and say goodbye to the King in Santos.

  • Pele’s wake-up today started at 10 am (from Brasília), at Villa Belmero, Santos Stadium;
  • Pele’s death raised the issue of his wardrobe staff in the village.
  • The contents of the locker are a mystery.. Even people who were close to the king tell more than one account about what was kept there;
  • The government will remain closed even in a new villa. At least before the King of Football’s death, the club intended to remove the intact furniture for the renovation and replace it in the new arena;
  • It took the former player three hours by road to reach Santos in the wake.

“What I know about Pele’s locker is that when we went to play here at Villa, only Edinho, Pele’s son, could open the locker. If Edinha didn’t use the locker, no one could use it. He opened everything, but we didn’t look and we don’t know.” What is there “ Macedo.

Vila Belmiro’s locker room has had some complete renovations since then, but the locker has never been opened. It is encapsulated today, and is always the main setting for the photos of any new Santos signing.

Macedo was in Americana, in the interior of São Paulo, and it took him three hours to reach the coast of São Paulo to say goodbye to Pele.

“I was at home watching TV and I felt something very strong, as if Pele was calling me to come here to a villa, a place with a great story. I felt something different. I think Pele’s spirit is still very much alive between us. I’m sure he’s very happy to be here.” Macedo.

Pele passed away last Thursday (29 years old) at the age of 82. According to the death certificate registered with the notary in São Paulo, The King of Football died of four causes: Renal insufficiency, Congestive heartbronchopneumonia and adenocarcinoma of the colon.

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