February 2, 2023
Maceio City Council |  Vocational training debate forum in ...

Maceio City Council | Vocational training debate forum in …

Specialists from the Center for Extended Family Health (Nasf) and Primary Care in Maceió participated on Thursday (1) in the 8th Nasf Primary Care Forum, the theme of which this year was “eNASF / AP: A Powerful Apparatus for Producing Holistic Health and Contributing to the Training of SUS Specialists”. The meeting took place in the Centro Universitário Tiradentes (Unity) hall, in Cruz das Almas, and was intended to promote a broad discussion on expanded clinical practice and professional training at SUS.

According to Kelly Laws, Technical Officer for Nasf, a key challenge for primary care is expanding access, improving quality and resolving procedures. “In this context, e-NASF constitutes a powerful device for the production of integrated health, by sharing knowledge and expanding the clinical solution to health teams from an expanded clinic perspective, which is one of the guidelines for humanization policy,” he highlights.

“The VIII e-NASF/AP Forum has two main objectives. The first is dialogue on the practice of holistic care from an extended clinic perspective, with the formation of groups. The second is to strengthen the role of e-NASF/AP in mentoring practice, with the aim of integrating teaching, service and community, to promote social transformation and revitalizing citizenship in the regions,” adds the technician in charge of Nasf.

The e-NASF is a multidisciplinary team, made up of professionals from different fields of knowledge and working together with professionals from the family health team, focusing on the area under its responsibility, being present in the eight health districts of Maceió, promoting disease prevention and health promotion .

During the 8th Forum, participants can count on lectures on topics such as “Expanded and Shared Clinic with Focus on Clustering in Comprehensive Care: An Alternative to Implementing Health Education Actions”, a presentation of the project “Permanent Education 2022 – A Comprehensive Project Considering Clustering in Primary Care” And “Electronic text, a practice space to contribute to the training of public health professionals in the fields of educational assistance and technology: teaching service and community integration strategy.”

The event was attended by Mr. Ala Ricardo da Silva, Director of Health Care (DAS). Ednalva Araujo, General Coordinator for Primary Care; Kelly Viana, General Coordinator of Human Resources Development at SMS; Juliana Melo, Director General of Health Districts and Municipal Council Representatives for Health and Primary Care.

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