December 1, 2023
Madagascar minister swims for 12 hours after helicopter crashes into sea |  Globalism

Madagascar minister swims for 12 hours after helicopter crashes into sea | Globalism

minister Madagascar Malagasy authorities said he was one of two survivors of a helicopter crash off the northeastern coast of the big African island, and swam for about 12 hours to make landfall.

The police and port authorities indicated, on Tuesday, that the search for two other passengers continues after the accident that occurred the previous day, and the causes have not yet been determined.

General Serge Guelleh, the country’s minister of state for police, and his fellow institution arrived ashore in the coastal town of Mahambo separately on Tuesday morning, apparently after jumping out of the plane, according to the port authority’s chief, Jean. Edmond Randrianantinaina.

In a video posted on social media, 57-year-old Jilly appears to be exhausted as he lies in a deck chair, still wearing his camouflage uniform (see below).

“The time to die is not yet ripe,” the general declared, adding that he was feeling cold but did not suffer any injuries.

Gila became a minister last August as part of a cabinet reshuffle after three decades of police service.

The helicopter was carrying him with other authorities to inspect the site where a ship sank on Monday off the northeastern coast of the island nation.

At least 21 people were killed and another 60 were reported missing in the disaster, according to the latest official tally, on Tuesday.

Another police general, Zavisambatra Ravoavi, told AFP that Gilly used one of the helicopter’s seats as a buoy.

“He has always shown great resistance in sports, and he kept it even when he was a minister, as if he was in his thirties,” he said. “He has nerves of steel,” he added to explain the feat.

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