February 26, 2024
Madeleine dies, her body disappears, and the public mourns her character · TV News

Madeleine dies, her body disappears, and the public mourns her character · TV News

The story of Madeleine (Karen Telles) ended in wet land This Saturday (21). Goff’s mother (Jesita Barbosa) boarded a plane to Mato Grosso do Sul, but the plane crashed during a severe storm. Her body disappeared. The Karen Tellis’ character dies It was felt by the audience, who went into mourning on social media.

“Losing Madeleine is a disgrace, I loved the character and Karen’s amazing work, there was no development for her, they could have taken another turn, she suffered the consequences of an actress left behind in the past,” lamented the specific user like Gabes.

Rafael Tiago wrote in large letters: “The scene of Madeleine’s death. I’m trembling. Damn, what a good job and so beautifully planned to cause sadness and compassion. I’m really sad and I hardly watch the TV series.”

“How painful this scene of the plane crash that killed Madeleine and the pilot. The desperation of those who go through this and know they won’t escape, made me feel horrible triggers to contemplate real tragedies of this kind,” Dele wrote in a tweet.

Before the plane crash, the series showed the desperation of Madeleine and the pilot. A few seconds before her death, Goff’s mother had been reliving past moments all her life. See feedback below:

Madeleine’s death

On Saturday’s episode, Globo showed residents looking for any sign of Madeleine in the woods. There was a one-week interval in the plot, and the wreckage was found. José Leoncio (Marcos Palmera) then warns Irma (Camila Morgado) that there is no chance of Jove’s mother surviving the fall.

farmer still They offered to go with the redhead to Rio de Janeiro He passed the tragic news to Mariana (Selma Egry). In Monday’s episode (23) the mother won’t believe her daughter has died.

“Let’s pretend she’s been on a long trip, that’s it. And at any moment we’ll join her again. I’ll talk to my attorney, see what we can do in a situation like this. How can we help with the searches, I don’t know,” she says. Salma Egry’s character.

In the scenes to be broadcast Tuesday (24)The shepherd will have a terrible dream. In a delirious state, the hero will see his ex-wife asking for help to leave the territory – as if she is stuck there forever.

The history of the Pantanal repeats itself

In the original, shown by Extinct Manchetti (1983-1999) in 1990, the mother had to die of force majeure. In the original summary written by Benedetto Roy Barbosa, tragic end Not expected.

The script indicated that the character would have an accident on the way to the Pantanal, but would survive and be taken care of by Velho do Rio (Claudio Marzo in 1990 / Osmar Prado in the remake).

The spoiled ones would become a root swamp and would continue to defend the area. However, death was the solution that the author found for the absence of tala Nandi, who played karaoke in the first version. At that time, the actress asked to leave the plot to devote herself to the film O Caminho dos Deuses (1991), a Brazil-India co-production.

“I remember crying and telling Jamie Monjardim [diretor] I needed to leave the series, which I loved to do. He understood me and said it would be difficult for Benedito. “I really think it was hard for the author who killed the character,” the actress added.

Despite the appeal of the audience of the Globo series, who would like to see a different direction for Madeleine in the 2022 version, Bruno Lubery preferred to preserve the score that his grandfather had to write in 1990.

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