March 31, 2023
Magna Steyr wants to make electric cars for American brands

Magna Steyr wants to make electric cars for American brands

Because of the US government’s new electrification policy, Magna Steyr wants to do what it has in the US at its multi-brand factory to make electric cars in Graz, Austria.

How will the new law affect the price of imported electric cars, given that the Washington tax credit is only available to cars made in North America?

Noting this, Magna Steyr decided to look for a factory in the US based on its Canadian headquarters, but the operation would be very different from the one in Austria.

To produce electric cars in the U.S., Magna Steyr wants a sustainable plant to build electric cars, which requires a location with lots of wind and sun, but the company initially thought California wouldn’t be a target.

Kurt Bachmaier, vice president of Magna Steyr, commented: “We want to enter the US market. We are now looking for a location.

With wind and solar power, the plant can produce Fisker Ocean, which is aimed at the US market, but the company has other customers in Europe, including Fisker.

The Jaguar I-Pace is the only electric car made by Magna in Cross, where the company also makes the BMW 5 Series, BMW Z4, Jaguar E-Pace, Toyota Supra and Mercedes-Benz G-Class, and Ocean will join in November.

Magna Stair’s initiative will benefit many US electric car startups, as Magna is known to produce for third parties.

Not to mention the cost savings, Magna Steir could set up a factory in Canada, the parent company’s headquarters, or even Mexico, where labor costs are much lower on the map than in either country.

However, as the company has already mentioned, the US territory will be the target of the new electric car production plant, which will, no doubt, greatly please the Biden administration.

[Fonte: Carscoops]