January 29, 2023
"Mail with Santa Claus" generates a wave of rejection from SC shopping customers: "communist"

“Mail with Santa Claus” generates a wave of rejection from SC shopping customers: “communist”

Profiles attacked the Garten Shopping Instagram page after posting a video with Santa Claus – Image: Reproduction / Instagram / @gartenshopping

After posting a video of Santa Claus dressed in his usual clothes, the profile of Garten Shopping, a commercial establishment in Joinville, Santa Catarina, has been the target of several attacks. The character has come to be called a “communist”.

On November 21, the mall released the post with the caption: “Organized fans! Good old man getting ready to enjoy the cup.” [do Mundo] from here. It’s also worth cheering up before customizing Christmas gifts at the Garten, right?! “.

Because of his traditional red dress with black boots, Santa Claus began to receive attacks. One man wrote “Noel Batista… I’m out!” “Communist Santa Claus! I’m outside and interrupting

“Santa Claus municipality,” one netizen wrote. “Communist Santa Claus! I don’t even allow my daughter to see it! Shame on you, Garten,” commented another. “Communist Santa Claus! My family wouldn’t do that [ao shopping; emoji de uma carinha vomitando]said another.

After the repercussions of the offenses and attacks on the character, some netizens did the opposite and left comments in support of the worker. “These people say they don’t go to the mall, that’s fine, that way there won’t be many people in line for a photo. I know this Santa Claus and I know how amazing he is,” one woman wrote. While they try to draw out the hate, at the same time, there is an outpouring of love. Another commented.

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