MAJ Fortier: a unique signature

MAJ Fortier: une signature unique

The artist MAJ Fortier has especially made his mark as a sculptor. The former players of the Canadian near the Bell Centre, the spectacular fountain in the Square of Quartier Dix30, the lady with the poodle and the man at the pug of the Place… It is him. But his talent is not limited to sculpture. The visitors of the Musée Bruck in Cowansville will soon be able to discover his digital prints on the theme of the costume.

This is not a coincidence, because we know that the museum is dedicated last few years the world of textile. For his exhibition to Be or not to be, who will occupy the two halls of the Museum Bruck, Marc-André J. Fortier chose, therefore, a series of giclée prints digital on canvas, in very limited edition.

Fascinated by the symbolic value of the garment and the accessory, the artist likes to showcase them as a “second skin” which coats, exposes, clarifies, and refines ” the being who wears it.

And whether it is a simple pajamas, the duo’s shirt and tie or traditional attire-tie, this gives heart and joy. Highly colorful and imaginative, his paintings are nevertheless full of details full of seriousness… and research. “There are a lot of study and reading behind each work. The foreground, the background, my signature in the label of the garment… Everything is thought of. “

In front of these works of large and medium formats, of which the technique is similar to screen printing, we could spend hours.

Here, costumes inspired from the poker, hockey, the game of Monopoly, or of the war ; there a sweater with the effigy of Super Woman…

“For each one, there will be a bilingual text to explain my perception of the work,” he adds, revealing that some of the paintings on display in Cowansville have never been seen.

Fortier will also a few sculptures of bronze which, once again, will combine the fantasy and sarcasm.

His inspiration, says he, is ” a mixture of plenty of business “, from the comic strip Lucky Luke to Picasso, passing by Magritte. “In the silkscreen, it is Vittorio, and Andy Warhol. “

Free spirit

In his house-workshop in Brome Lake, where he resided for the past 12 years, the man talks about nothing and everything, to the point of forgetting his coffee, which cools slowly on the large wood table.

He passes from one subject to another, comes back on a detail, before starting again in another direction. His ideas are bubbling and jostling, full of conviction and reflection. Here we are dealing with a free spirit who does not bother to conventions.

“For 32 years, I have learned to live in function of what I am and what I believe. I learned to develop my thinking. At the bottom, I’m a bit like Don Quixote ! “, lance-t-il, referring to the magnificent work that throne in the entrance of his home. Two bronzes illustrate the idealistic Don Quixote and his faithful squire Sancho Panza side-by-side on their mounts.

MAJ Fortier is portrayed as a go-getter, radical, and positive. “I like the color, I love the irony. I refuse to take myself too seriously. “

He refuses all as much intellectual laziness. He celebrates rather daring allegory, through the order and thoroughness.

Its place

Born of several generations of literate, small-grandson of Édouard Montpetit, Marc-André Fortier has one day felt the imperative need to break the mold and follow his instincts. As a young adult, he left his Montreal home for go backpacking in Western canada, where he lived from 1983 to 1989.

“I’m starting to get to know me. It was in Vancouver, in 1986, that I decided to become an artist, ” he says.

Since then, it has its place, has been exhibited in Canada, the United States and France, leaving in its wake many remarkable pieces, some of monumental statues. Its most well-known are probably those of Maurice Richard, Jean Béliveau, Howie Morenz and Guy Lafleur, carried out in five months to celebrate the centenary of the Montreal canadiens in 2008. They’re likely to see today on the Square of Canadians, on the edge of the Bell Centre.

His next project ? A bronze eight-foot height in the image of Olivier Le Tardif, an associate of Samuel de Champlain in the 17th century. To satisfy the artist, who has even been able to start joyfully in the search !

To be or not to be will take place from 31 January to 14 march at the Musée Bruck in Cowansville. The public will be able to meet with MAJ Fortier at the opening, Saturday, February 2, at 14 h.

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