December 3, 2022
"Make the thief mark an apology for a crime" (Watch the video).

“Make the thief mark an apology for a crime” (Watch the video).

Famous, famous and left-wing artists came together to compose a song in support of former convict Lula da Silva.

Under Caetano Veloso, they chanted the infamous “vera vera”, made an “L” for Lula and suggested that Brazilians change their vote.

He replaced Bolsonaro with the little man.

Wise and well-articulated, musician and YouTuber Bruno Jonssen did not forgive shame and did not spare his “fellow artists”. On the contrary, he spoke with harsh facts:

“You stop making a self-defense sign against the thief, to make the thief’s own sign, the letter ‘L’ for the thief, and support the thief to return to power. This is an apology for a crime.”

watching video:

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