March 26, 2023

“Making an offer for no reason at all…”


The nurse again commented on his statements that Ricardo would need psychiatric help

Images: Reproduction / Redi Globo

On Tuesday afternoon (28), Cesar Black He cried after hearing a speech from Amanda about you in BBB 23. At that time the doctor complained about the nurse’s comments on that Ricardo They will have mental disorders. After remembering the matter, he had to be greeted Fred NicasioAnd Elvis key that it Sarah Allen.

“I just wanted to say that people here judge others with different weights. (…) People judge with different weights. I don’t know what my life will be like, people understand how they want it. It’s anger and another is to stick to it as if it’s a habit of yours, that people don’t know. I never want to hurt anyone, I just want to speak up. I only speak up so people understand, but people use it against me to finish me.”He said Cesar.

Photo: Reproduction/Rede Globo

unique His friend calmed down and said that the opponents, from Quattro d’Echerto, “have no scruples”. Domitilla Barros He appeared and also tried to console the nurse, who feared his reputation. And you know what they say about her [Amanda]? People see black evil, they see frame. Don’t think people buy anything, black man.advised Nicasio.

On the Internet, netizens were outraged by a situation Cesar. Many even pointed out that he was making a scene and that he didn’t cry a single tear. “But wasn’t he the one who created this topic? I don’t understand his whining.”one said. “I’m looking for tears”Post wrote. “I’m laughing so hard, sorry, but I can’t stand it! The guy who triggered her again! He’s totally putting on a show for no reason.”A third pointed out.