September 26, 2022
Måneskin performs an iconic show in SP and shows the band's greatness goes beyond Rolling Stone's "Beggin"

Måneskin performs an iconic show in SP and shows the band’s greatness goes beyond Rolling Stone’s “Beggin”

With plenty of rock ‘n’ roll and little clothing, Manskin rocked Espaço Unimed on Friday, 9

With the coronavirus pandemic, many people have gone to seek refuge in tik tokwhere the cover “beginningPerformed by the Italian band manskin. With such a global hit, the quartet became understated, but the musicians managed to prove themselves much larger: they released other songs and appeared in 2022 VMAsfor example – in addition to giving a creative show in São Paulo last Friday, 9.

formed by Damiano David (My voice), Victoria de Angelis (a little), Ethan Torchio (drummer) and Thomas Rage (guitar), the team took the stage Unimed space (Old The area of ​​the Americas) around 10:15 pm Brasilia time. The show started with a lot of energy and excitement with “olive and bonnyIn addition to the hits and stage presence, David spoke out against the president Jair Bolsonaro After the audience shouted in protest.

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It is worth noting that even with global success, there are many songs from manskin In Italian, with some “accessible” in English. However, the songs in the European language were not a challenge to the Brazilian audience, who sang and shouted every song on the playlist – and they liked it Damiano Davidwho learned a few words in Portuguese:Let’s goOh man *** and *** and *** and hot. “

Damn, you guys are the loudest crowd ever. I can’t even hear myself on the way back. I dont care [para isso]Because I can hear you.

Even if they were very tired, given that they are on tour and went to Sao Paulo after another exciting show in Rio de Janeiro last Thursday, the eighth, the four members of the group were very happy and excited about the show, especially David, who laughed several times into the microphone and asked the audience if Everyone was fine. In addition to, Victoria de Angelis And the Thomas Rage They did not stop moving and climbing through the crowd to play their instruments elegantly.

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With a relatively short song list, the band has walked a lot through albums and has three studio albums to date, Selection (2017), Il Palo Della Vita (2018) and Era Theatre: Vol. I (2021). after, after”olive and bonnyThey played another song from the latest work:In the name of the father“Then it’s time for solitude.”MAMMMA. “

The highlights definitely went to hit songs.”beginning“(which cannot be missing),”SupermodelCoraline” And the “I want to be your slaveThe latter was played a second time to finish the show in style. Interactions with the audience went beyond asking how the people were: several fans took to the stage during a song and it was chaotic, but in the best possible way. The list is below:

  1. olive and bonny
  2. In the name of the father
  4. La Powera del Puyo
  5. start in’
  6. Coraline
  7. near the top
  8. Supermodel
  9. for your love
  10. touch me
  11. I want to be your slave
  12. gasoline
  13. I want to be your dog
  15. le tuk lintan
  16. I want to be your slave

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At Måneskin’s performance in São Paulo, with plenty of rock ‘n’ roll and little clothing, the Italians showed how far from dead rock music is and is well represented by these young names on the scene — and many others, by the way.