August 16, 2022
Mansour sees a few Botafogo players on Serie A terms and cites a "marketing insight" in a game model designed by Textor.

Mansour sees a few Botafogo players on Serie A terms and cites a “marketing insight” in a game model designed by Textor.

a Botafogo He was winning his matches against the smaller teams in Carioca Championship Unconvinced, they defeated Vasco last weekend, but the public’s expectation is that reinforcements will arrive with the entry of John Textor To support the cast and present a good image Brazilian Championship.

for commenter Carlos Eduardo MansourFew players from the current Alfinegro squad will be able to help Botafogo in Serie A. John Textor has already stated that he intends to recruit seven to eight key players for the Brazilian League, which begins in early April.

– Botafogo has some problems to solve until the start of Serie A: coach, signings… You look at this team today and you see quite a few players, in an ideal scenario, who will remain in Serie A.: Gattito, Kano, Matthews Nascimento, a young man, with potential, perhaps Pareto, Prino who has arrived … It’s a rule that is likely to be very shaken – said Mansour, during the “Exchange of Cards” program on SporTV.

Still looking for a coach for Botafogo, John Textor also expressed his idea of ​​implementing a specific game model for the club, where people, seeing Alfinegro play, realize that this style is characteristic of Glorioso. For Mansour, this thinking also relates to the market view of the American investor.

– Textor talked about building a team identity with technical defenders who go out to play, who suggest the game, and who express themselves well with the ball. Especially because of this focus on the market and on the network of clubs that integrate youth development, I think this paradigm is not only about the way he wants to see Botafogo recognized and recognized through the way she plays, but also with a marketing vision. It will be a game model that will allow players to express themselves, develop themselves, and show themselves in the market. Through this, they also value themselves. I feel that the game model is also present in a business vision related to the development of young players – said Mansour.