September 26, 2022
Personal problems stand in the way of losing weight

Many people do not lose weight even with a diet and this is why

you are one of those People trying to lose weightbut fail? Know that there may be a scientific explanation for your persistent obesity. Even with a strict diet, there are people who are not able to lose one kilogram.

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A study developed at the University of Ottawa in Canada decided to investigate 5,000 patients. In all, 228 files were used and they helped 20 obese women understand how people in this difficult situation can be helped to lose weight.

How does a weight loss survey work?

According to the study results, the volunteers were referred to a supervision program. In all, they continued training with 18 progressive sessions for six consecutive months.

Using artificial intelligence, scientists have observed that physical activity is able to increase weight loss and improve metabolism. This type of solution has proven effective in patients who have difficulty losing weight.

Physical activity made musculoskeletal conditioning stronger and yielded positive results in calorie expenditure. With diet alone, the same goals cannot be observed.

Exercise is the only way to lose weight

“For those individuals who are obese and have tremendous difficulty losing weight, the message is: You are in a group of individuals for whom exercise is especially important. It will really help you lose weight.” That’s what Ruth MacPherson, lead cardiovascular genetics and professor at the university’s School of Medicine, said in a statement about the study.

The data obtained through research tends to help realign diet and weight loss programmes. People who struggle to lose weight can find light at the end of the tunnel this way. In other words, all is not lost.

It is important to note that physical activity also needs to be supervised and should be done with a degree of intensity sufficient to stimulate calorie burning.