February 8, 2023

Marcelo Adnet reveals that his grandfather saved him from childhood rape and warns the TV news

Marcelo Adnet She revealed that he had been sexually abused in his childhood to alert parents and guardians about the matter. The comedian also lamented that sex education is surrounded by taboos and misinformation, as such type of situations must be avoided. He said, “My grandfather arrived and I was rescued.”

The actor teased the episode in an interview with Igor Cavallari and Thiago Marquez on Podpah. “I was raped when I was five years old,” he said, noting that the assailant had never penetrated him. He added, “My grandfather arrived, and he had forgotten his wallet at home.”

Adnet said the experience made its mark. “I said, ‘Humans are a dangerous business. Maybe that’s why I’m shy. I thought, “Humans are a son of a bitch. He’s not a nice guy, cool guy,” he said.

The artist stated that he only brought up the story as a warning:

It’s been 35 years since this happened, [parece] Something that was left behind. And you have to raise your voice to raise awareness. Hadith: This shit exists. You have to look at the child. You can’t go soft. You can’t trust, let’s go, you have to stay on top. You must have an education.

Adnet also took advantage of one presenter’s letter, noting that some people still think of sex education as “teaching children to have sex” to dispel any misinformation on the subject:

I was five years old when it happened. At 12, I found out that AIDS exists. Then I was like, “I have AIDS.” I asked my mom and dad if they caught him even if he was fast. They said yes and then I told them one day. The man no one knows his whereabouts. It’s been a long time.

Check out Marcelo Adnet’s full interview: