June 1, 2023
Marcelo and Gota have sex after discovering a secret from the past · TV News

Marcelo and Gota have sex after discovering a secret from the past · TV News

As long as they think they are brothers, jota (Julia Dalvia) and Marcelo (Lucas Leto) They will exchange kisses in wet land But they won’t. The first time between spouses will happen only when zuleka Alain Borges tells them that the animal husbandry specialist is not his biological son Tenorio Murillo Benicio on Globo at 9 AM.

according to Columnist Patricia Cogot, from O GloboZuleika will reveal the truth when she moves with her children to her lover’s farm. Realizing the passion of the two and the difficulty of separating them, The nurse will tell her her secret.

To keep Zuleica, Guta and Marcelo They will decide to stay together in secret, since no one else will know the truth. Uncomfortable with the situation, the boy would stay away. Gotta will pressure him because he thinks he is avoiding her, but he will say that he is only working hard.

Marcelo will try to escape, but the young woman will stay very close and ask for a kiss. He will say, “It’s not that simple.” “I know there are a million repercussions. But… can’t we leave everything else for later?” , will argue.

Lucas Leto’s character will try to distract the conversation, begging him not to make him wait any longer: “I can’t wait another second for you. Can you think?” Unable to escape, Marcello Guetta will enthusiastically kiss, and the two will have sex in the farm stable.

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