February 1, 2023
Marcelo, Edinilson and Douglas Costa!  Sports sponsor sends a message

Marcelo, Edinilson and Douglas Costa! Sports sponsor sends a message

Credit: Disclosure / Sports

A Brazilian champion and very close to winning the Copa del Rey, Atlético promised to keep their power in 2022. Owner of one of the country’s most acclaimed teams, Gallo It tends to be more powerful next season. In recent weeks, some speculation has already emerged in the ball market.

Names such as left-back Marcelo, midfielder Edinilson and striker Douglas Costas have been linked with Atletico. Publicly, Alvinegra’s direction takes it with a lot of description, as the main focus is the second game with Athletico-PR, and the fourth, in Curitiba.

If, by chance, Atletico seek signings at the level of the above three, there will certainly be an effort from partners who are involved in the club’s daily activities. Ricardo Guimarães, president of BMG and former president of Alvinegro, was questioned on a live broadcast about the matter.

“Of course, some players have already been appointed by our technical team. The Brazilian championship has just ended, there is still the Copa del Rey and we don’t want to lose focus. These three players please me, of course, but we will have to do some engineering. There are some engineering,” Guimarães told Fala Galo. Many players noticed, and we have to do a careful comb, close this list, and evaluate the buying and selling opportunities.

“There may be players that we don’t even want to sell, but they are getting a good offer financially for the club and the player and then we have to look at both sides. From there, assess the costs, how much we will invest. Money has never been unlimited. It is still too early to talk About that, but we are on the lookout and there will be news that Atlético remains at a high level,” added the partner.

Officially, Atletico have already confirmed two reinforcements. After loaning to Juventus this year, Vitor Mendes and Guilherme Castillo will be used. Ademir, the former American, has a signed pre-contract.

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