September 21, 2023
Marcus Mayon Appears as Presenter on Globo & Fabiana Carla Live Jokes · TV News

Marcus Mayon Appears as Presenter on Globo & Fabiana Carla Live Jokes · TV News

Marcus Mion debuted as Submitted on Globo This is Sunday night (22) during Fantastic. He managed the network’s new employee Crianca Esperanca along with actress Fabiana Carla, who did not miss the opportunity to prank her with the arrival of her co-worker. “Welcome to the new home!” she joked, “Marcus Mayon and Phil Menon.”

The former employee of Record opened the benefits program he spoke to Poliana Abrita And again Fantastic is referred to by a special acronym.

“I’m already used to being in Fantasy every week. So happy to be here and so happy to finally meet you, Fabiana Karla,” the conversation rattled. “Good night, Poliana. Myon, all the pleasure is mine. It feels so elegant to be here at Fantástico with Marcos Myon, my new co-worker. Welcome to the new home. Marcos Myon and Phil Menon,” replied he. actressWho couldn’t contain his laughter.

Enthusiastic, and the presenter of the program thanked the artist for her affection and took the opportunity to highlight once again her happiness to be part of the network’s staff:

“Needless to say I am happy, after all, I am considered the happiest Brazilian alive today on the internet. But it is a great honor to debut for Crianca Esperança, this much needed beautiful campaign that is part of our national calendar.

Mion no Caldeirão’s debut date has been set for September 4. He will replace Luciano Hack, who is leaving on Saturday To take over on Sunday. The former presenter of A Fazenda will continue to lead a program on Multishow and Rock music at the Rio and Lollapaloosa festivals in Globo in 2022.

Check out an excerpt from the video: