December 8, 2022
Maria Beltrau talks about Susanna Naspolini's "Chain of Faith": "We ask for a miracle" |  TV and celebrities

Maria Beltrau talks about Susanna Naspolini’s “Chain of Faith”: “We ask for a miracle” | TV and celebrities

Julia Naspolini He’s back to using his social networks to ask for prayers for his journalist mom Susanna Naspoliniwho was admitted to the hospital due to cancer. On Friday, October 21, Julia provided details of her mother’s health condition:

“Her condition is very serious, it is very serious. The cancer has spread to the pelvis, to the pelvic bone, and has already spread to the bone marrow since July. So, she came with stronger chemotherapy, which made her lose hair. The malignant tumor had spread to other organs, including the liver. It has spread to the liver. He (the doctor) said they don’t know what to do, and he doesn’t know if there’s anything to be done. The situation is very serious.”

Maria Beltrau summons her followers to a prayer chain by Susanna Naspolini – Photo: Instagram / Instagram

Susan’s friend, Maria Beltrau Record a video and submit a new request to your followers:

“Hello people! I’m here to invite everyone to pray the rosary with me today, 6pm, for Susanna Naspolini. Susanna believes so much in the power of faith, she has so much faith in Mrs., in Oh God, and she really needs our prayers. Joleneha is asking for our prayers” .

In the caption, Presenter “It’s from homeHe wrote: “We ask for a miracle. I think. Let us pray?”