December 8, 2022
Maria Flor, daughter of Virginia and Zee Philip, was born in Goiania |  Goiás

Maria Flor, daughter of Virginia and Zee Philip, was born in Goiania | Goiás

Daughter of influencer Virginia Fonseca and singer Philip’s costumelittle Maria Flor was born on Saturday (22), in Goiania. Maria Alice, 1 year old, the couple’s first child, was promoted to older sister. Virginia posted on social media a picture of the hospital and said she “exudes happiness”.

“Good morning. Going to bed now, our little flower princess has arrived and is well, thank God. Tired, but exuding happiness,” the influencer wrote.

The influencer gave birth at 5:33 a.m. Maria Flor came to the world with a weight of 3160 kg and a measurement of 48 cm. Virginia and the baby is doing well, according to the consultation, the caesarean section was performed by Dr. Fabiana Garcia dos Santos.

Singer Ze Felipe also posted photos on his social network. He celebrated the arrival of his daughter and said she was beautiful. “Florzinha has arrived, thank you my God,” he wrote.

Then Zee posted a picture of Maria Flor’s foot (see below).

Zee Felipe posted a photo of the foot of his daughter Maria Flor, who was born on Saturday, in Goiania, Goiás – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

Maria Flor, the singer’s granddaughter Leonardo and influencer and journalist Polyana Rocha, parents of Zee Philippe, Margaret Serrao and Mario Ferrao, parents of Virginia. The influencer’s father passed away in September 2022 at the age of 72.

Even before finding out the gender of her second daughter, Maria Flor was already successful on social networks. When I was in the fourteenth week of pregnancy, Virginia posted a photo of the ultrasound The baby appeared “waving” and fans made several guessing jokes about the baby’s future: “Nice little blogger.”

In August of this year, Virginia took advantage of Father’s Day to pay tribute to Philip’s costume. She was full of praise for her husband. The day, the businesswoman too He did not hide the excitement of the birth of Maria Flor.

Virginia Fonseca, Felipe costume, Maria Alice and new baby on the road Goiânia Goiás – Photo: clone / Instagram

Virginia said, “Philippe’s costume arrived and showed me what love is. Today I know he was born to be a father, to love, to care, and to protect.”

“This Father’s Day is with the little flower in the oven, but God willing, next year we will have our two little princesses together to celebrate this wonderful day,” the influencer continued at the time.

Costume Felipe and Virginia decorate the birth door to welcome their second daughter, Maria Flor, in Goiania, Goias – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

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