February 5, 2023
Maria Maroua was killed and Juma was left as the enemy

Maria Maroua was killed and Juma was left as the enemy

at wet landTragedy has no end in the Maroua family. It’s time now Marya (Juliana Paes) for his brutal murder thanks to the revenge of the family of the man who… generation He killed Enrique Diaz. To make matters worse, she will leave her daughter, Friday (Alanis Guillen) Alone with seedlings (Bella Campos), daughter of the dead landowner who spurs bloodthirsty revenge at Globo’s 9 AM opera.

In the The chapter scheduled to air next Tuesday (12)., the avenger will reach for Maroua’s taper and will pretend to be unable to speak. The mother will point the gun at her, but Juma will feel sorry for the girl and ask her mother not to shoot.

The two would provide shelter for Bella Campos’ character, without even imagining that what she really wanted was for her to end up with the two because of what Gil did with his father in the past. In the first week of the plot, the cold worker kills the land grabber as revenge, while his son loses his life in a clash with his henchmen.

Maria will be very suspicious when she realizes that the stranger is going to try to take her gun. The suspicion of the Jaguar Woman will not last long, as she will be killed precisely because of this revenge for the crime committed in the past. The telenovela has already progressed over two years since the death of Chico (Túlio Starling) and will take new leaps in time until Maria becomes the victim of that time.

When he encounters his mother’s corpse, Juma despairs and buries her. Later, Moda will comfort the young woman, who would not even imagine that she became friends with a snake.

Originally written by Benedetto Rui Barbosa and shown by The Extinct Manchetti (1983-1999) in 1990, Pantanal was adapted by Bruno Luberi, the author’s grandson. Unlike other Globo series recently, the story is not fully taped and will follow the open-action format, and scripts may change.

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