July 20, 2024

Maria’s father talks about sex between his daughter and Eliezer

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Maria's father talks about sex between his daughter and Eliezer
Maria's father talks about sex between his daughter and Eliezer

Maria’s father, street sweeper and massage therapist Carlos Camara, commented on the hot scenes of his daughter and Eliezer in “Big Brother Brasil 22” this morning, after the concert of leader Thiago Abravanel. According to him, if a young woman is in a mood she should “have sex”.

“She’s an adult, and she knows what’s right and wrong. If she had sex, it’s because she felt like it, so who am I to discriminate? I support my daughter in everything she’s done. If she feels like she’s having sex, she should have sex. That’s my opinion,” he said, In an interview with Sonia Abrau’s “A Tarde é Sua” programme.

The young woman’s father was also asked about his daughter’s harvesting of nude photos on the Internet. He went straight and answered. “Look, I think it’s beautiful. But she’s of legal age, she pays her bills, I can’t interfere with life. I just have to support what she’s doing,” he said.

In the interview with the program, he also talked about the insistence of his daughter. “When she wants something, she goes after it, she is the one who shows herself to be in it BBB. Crying, laughing, quarreling and dating. She is determined and works hard at what she does. I went there to win. I hope you reach the final and win.”

He also said that the two were actually with the same woman during a party and only found out about the coincidence the day after the event. “To this day, we laugh about it,” Carlos said. “It was just so funny.”

sex on “bbb”

It’s getting hot in the Lollipop room! Vyni even tried to disrupt Maria and EliezerBut the two of them finally made it I Have My First Night Of Sex On “BBB 22”.

The two pulled the duvet in the bedroom. Laes and Finney commented that the two would have sex. On that occasion, the “Big Brother Brasil” cameras moved from the bedroom to the kitchen.

After all the advice Maria gave during the leader’s party, Eli understood the message and took his sister to bed. Even without the microphones, the moans of the two of them could be heard under the hood.

After a night of sex in the most guarded house, the two ignore the couple’s nickname. According to them, A relationship is just a colorful friendship.

Sex between the two has become a topic today in the home. Bruna Gonçalves, Barbara, Jed Bacon, Lais, and Maria were speaking atBBB 22″ (TV Globo) about the sex scenes the two did.

  • Bruna: “Maria you guys had sex yesterday!”
  • Lies: “I saw him, and I watched him from the booth. In front of me, in bed, what am I going to do? I’m going to watch!”
  • Jade: “But can you see anything?”
  • Lais: “No, they had the blanket.”

While the two brothers were having sex, Laís Vyni woke up and asked him to turn upside down to watch, but Vyni soon received the message. Earlier, Ellie asked for it Vyni imitates moves He even saw how the sex was portrayed.

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