Marie-Ève Roy in full possession of his means

Marie-Ève Roy en pleine possession de ses moyens

When Marie-Ève Roy has launched his first solo album, in 2016, she wanted to draw a cut-off sharp between his musical past thundering and the sweetness that dwelt there. Three years later, it offers multi-colored, a new opus also stroking, but more assumed, in the image of the woman she has become.

The time has done its work, and with it, the need to prove themselves has waned. Marie-Ève Roy is no longer just ” the daughter of the Vulgar Stuff “, she is today a singer-songwriter in full possession of his means.

“I think it is the difference between my two albums. Blue Nelson, I thought not that much. A small flame inside of me told me that I had to go to the end of that, and I proved that I was capable of doing solo music. With multi-coloured, I knew that I was capable of and I just want to do what I felt. I really thought more. “

She continues : “With Blue Nelson, I really need to go to the extreme to get out of the rock. While there, it is more assumed. It is as if I had found a balance between me, who love the rock, but also soft music. Even my voice is more prominent. I chose my tones of songs to be comfortable, for this to be brilliant, less shy. There is less arrangement, it is more fluid. “

The difference is actually noticeable. The voice of the Granbyenne of origin is less veiled, less “hidden” behind the music.

“When I started doing shows with Blue Nelson, I realized that my tones were low and I had difficulty being comfortable in my voice. I had to mount the tone of full of songs. I didn’t want to make the same mistake with Multicolor. I mounted my tone. In fact, I’ve found my tone ! ” laughs she.

She tells even returned to see the singing teacher of his adolescence, Isabelle Côté, to validate the need to sing over the top, before entering the studio. Blessing granted.

Encouragement also came from director Gus van Go, she went to find in New York four times in 2017 and 2018 to record multi-colour, together with Werner F, and Likeminds. It had not worked with him since the time of the Vulgar Stuff, but the chemistry was always present. “As soon as the first week, we had already identified where we wanted to go with the album. “

The inspiration

When asked in what state of mind is born the album, it first explains his relationship to music. “The music serves as much to comfort me. When I listen to music, it is to comfort me, and it seems that I am paid to do it when I want to express something, ” she said.

There is, indeed, melancholy in the texts of Marie-Ève Roy. But a lot of lightness, too, thanks to the melodies that she was attached. Once again, the artist evokes the concept of brightness and light.

“Yes, it can be sad, but I still see hope. After each storm, the good weather returns, ” she said, quoting from memory an excerpt of his piece, I will not. “Balanced by the wind/The edge of the ocean/I’ll be your wall/And you my yet “, she sings to her baby, her second child, she was wearing during the creation of Multicolor.

To find the words of the nine compositions on this disc, it has ” opened the windows and made space in his head, that have been inspired by lots of stories “. I cry, I laugh, born of his reading of the touching comic lightness of Catherine Meurisse, cartoonist at Charlie Hebdo who survived the terrible attack. I don’t need anyone came to him after he saw a documentary on the singer Véronique Sanson. “I was touched and inspired by his creative force. And at the same time, I told myself that I had no more time to lose and that I had the taste of come. “

The arrival of the quarantine is not there may not be foreign. Marie-Ève Roy was greeted with serenity. “I’m less fearful, less anxious. Having a small baby brings me a lot at this time. I’m more of my instincts and I let myself the right to do what I want. “

In short, the Mary-Eve of 20 years ago has changed a lot . “I love it, the quarantine… I feel good, I am in my place and my choices are more in line with what I feel. “

Multicolor will be launched on the 22nd of February at Theatre La Chapelle in Montreal. A tour should follow in fall.

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