Marilyn Bolduc: between the heart and the reason

Danny Gélinas
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Marilyn Bolduc: entre le cœur et la raison

CHRONIC / Two years have passed since my last interview — in a professional capacity, of course — with the diver Marilyn Bolduc. If in the world of sport, a single month can seem like an eternity, can you imagine two years ! Two years, that is all that it took to the one I always called “the pride of Dunham” to review its plans or, at the very least, put a few on the ice.

In fact, the young woman of 18 was thought to participate in the summer olympic Games of 2024. However, certain circumstances have pushed to look more lucid as on his career than on his personal life in general. In any reflection, there is the heart and the reason. These days, Marilyn is attempting to find the balance between these two elements, in order not to have regrets if it leans to one side or the other.

“Take part in the Games of 2024, this was not just a dream, it was an achievable goal. To get there, it had to be the planets are aligned, which does not seem to be the case, ” she confessed.

It speaks of the end of the lips, but an injury not properly treated, the strength now to take a step back and question the pursuit of its objective. “I hurt her back last year so very trivial, I would even say niaiseuse, when I slipped at me in the stairs… and then tumbling down all the stairs. As I am pretty harsh with my body, it is very rare that I complain. At the time, I did talked to anyone from this injury. I’ve badly treated, so to say, not neat at all… I told myself that with stretching, everything was back in order. “

“Being very competitive, I wanted to train me like the other divers, and divers in my group. At the bottom of me, however, I knew that I was no longer able. It would have required that I listen to my body, but I didn’t… “

“The result has been that I have not been able to qualify for the canadian championships. And, from there, the motivation was no longer the same, ” said Marilyn, a bit of disappointment in the voice.

By contrast, those who know Marilyn Bolduc will tell you that the young woman showed great maturity. Even if she was only 18 years old, when we’re talking with her, we deem it to be in the presence of a woman significantly older.

“The more days go by and the more I realize that I must begin to face the reality, she says with wisdom. It is obvious that I did not make as much progress as I had anticipated. I’ve always had a tendency to see things as a whole instead of dwell on specifically to all the small steps I was making. How many times my coach (Nicolas Lachance) me-t-he mentioned ? He said to me constantly : “Marilyn, be satisfied with what you do, each small success ! ” But as for me, I did not understand. Maybe am I too perfectionist ? “

In deciding to face the reality, is that to say his priorities have changed ? “My decision to know if I stop the competition, or if I continue is not taken yet, said Marilyn. I’m still thinking. However, I know very well that if I go back to dip, I will have to take double duty, because the other divers, they will have continued to progress during my absence. In any case, one thing is for sure : I need to have a meeting with my coach over the next few weeks to see her vision of things. After that, I should have the heart net ! “

But regardless of the decision that thou shalt take of Marilyn, this will be good, I’m convinced of it. You’re (and always has been !) nice, bright, intelligent and extremely mature despite the fact that you are older than 18 years of age. Take a step back and be proud of all that you have done.

Marilyn Bolduc: entre le cœur et la raison

The Frenchman’s Creek Country Club Palm Beach Gardens : simply in a class of its own !



The Frenchman’s Creek Country Club: a dream !

Pursuing a true annual tradition in my case, I spent the Holidays in Florida. I will come back especially when my next chronic. If I had the opportunity to attend a few hockey games, both to the alley, to the back to meet professional obligations, I’ve obviously taken the opportunity to trample several golf courses. Today I present to you, the Frenchman’s Creek Country Club. As we know, our region is full of people especially comfortable financially. By the expression ” financially comfortable “, I’m talking about millionaires. The news intended for them. Others, like me, we can only dream about it, because the simple fact of putting the foot on one or the other of the two courses of 18 holes of the very chic Frenchman’s Creek of Palm Beach Gardens is not given to everyone. With a right of entry (equity) set at 175 000 us $ (payable however in ten years !) and an annual membership card of the type “family” to US $ 70,000, and this, even before you hit a ball, it is actually accessible for the more affluent of our society. Located to hit it with a wedge of Donald Ross Boulevard, in a neighborhood that also houses the clubs are very upscale such as the Trump National in West Palm Beach and The Bear’s Club (founded by Jack Nicklaus himself), the community’s golf Frenchman’s Creek, with a little less than 1200 members residing in one of its 606 properties. Of course, the majority of its population has criss-crossed the streets to the interior of electric cars custom, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, etc In the golf itself, Son and I have had the immense luck to be invited to set foot on the journey North (the other being the South !) and both have been literally amazed by its great beauty. Designed by renowned architect Jim Fazio, who, faithful to his habit, was able to integrate several bodies of water, it can be distinguished by its seven tee boxes on each hole, beautiful, large fast greens and impeccable, as well as by walkways pristine. In short, if you have the chance to play it at least once in your life, take the opportunity ! It’s like being in a dream !


Friend Romeo Lamoureux invites once again all athletes 65 years of age and over to join what he calls his group of ” active seniors “, who meet every Monday and Wednesday from 9 h 30 to 11 h on one of the ice of the centre sportif Leonard-Grondin in Granby. Whether as a referee, player or goalkeeper, all are invited. Moreover, among these, there are six players over the age of 65 years to 70 years and 16 to over 70 years of age (five of which were in excess of the venerable age of 75 years). As he says so well, ” our heads grey radiate the joy and the team spirit is reflected by the great respect towards each other “. Isn’t it beautiful ? Then, for more information, interested parties may communicate directly with Romeo at the 450-375-4194.

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