Marion Cotillard super girlfriend with Nabilla on Instagram !

Marion Cotillard super copine avec Nabilla sur Instagram !

Marion Cotillard proved a massive hit at the cinema for her role in La Môme. The star could well be very friend with Nabilla, since they even give little nicknames !

Marion Cotillard has become a very great actress because she even accepts the role in american movies. However, its popularity did not prevent him from joking with Nabilla on social networks !

Marion Cotillard : French actress who proved a massive hit !

The reputation of Marion Cotillard is no longer to be redone. The French actress has received for the first time an award in the cinema in 2005. This last was a second role in un Long Dimanche de Fiançailles at the cinema. However, this has not prevented it to receive the César for best actress. A few years later, it has confirmed to everyone that she was a great actress in La vie en rose where she had the main role.

The career of Marion Cotillard has taken off since her role in La Môme. The actress had received the Oscar of the best actress and this has opened the doors for play in american movies. Despite his career abroad, the star seems to stay simple and it interacts with the same stars right out of reality tv shows. On social networks, fans have been able to see her speak several times with Nabilla !

Marion Cotillard : Very friend with Nabilla on social networks !

Nabilla and Marion Cotillard would be of very great friends. It is in any case that suggests many of their exchanges on the social networks. The wife of Guillaume Canet speaks often with the sweetheart of Thomas on Instagram. Moreover, it would even have a few little nicknames cute to Nabilla. In his messages, it is often called the star of “Secret Story” babe ” or ” baby “.

These nicknames are not mere nicknames that you would give to a single friend. Thus, it suggests that Marion Cotillard and Nabilla are very great friends. This improbable friendship that surprises everyone since Cotillard has 17 years older than the star of reality tv. However, age does not seem to pose a problem in this beautiful friendship ! In any case, Nabilla seems to be very well surrounded in his daily life and she knows who to talk to if she wants to get to the cinema !


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