May 28, 2023

Marissa appears side by side on a ride with Gustavo Mioto and sends a message to Ana Castilla: “I lost”


Marisa and Gustavo flew together and the fact that the singer was in love with Bouadera gave him a lot to talk about

Image 1: Reproduction / Instagram Maraisa – Image 2: Reproduction / Instagram Ana Castela

Marissa is always active on her social networks, either with looks that attract the attention of her followers or with some outbursts and hints. The second voice of the duo Mayara and Marissa this time went further, as he decided to provoke fellow musician Ana Castella.

Sertaneja was surprised to appear on the same flight as Gustavo Meoto and seized the opportunity to take a cone from the Boadeira case. Gustavo recently revealed to influencer Renato Sertanejero that Ana is very beautiful and that things happen according to everyone’s time.

Playback / Instagram Ana Castilla

But Marissa didn’t want to find out, so she famously posted the story along with the singer and sent a letter to Ana Castella. “Hi, Ana Castilla, I wanted to tell you that you lost. I just wanted to say that you lost, see?The singer began.

Without much to say and seemingly very embarrassed by the situation, the singer wished Marissa’s fans good evening. “You don’t need to be without gravity, no. Now the competition is fierce, my child. I just wanted to say you lost.” Marissa, father and manager of singer Marcus Mioto. The father-in-law is coming”joked sertaneja.