February 1, 2023
Mark Marquez delights with a beautiful reaction in the US and shows that he is still in MotoGP

Mark Marquez delights with a beautiful reaction in the US and shows that he is still in MotoGP

Mark Marquez returns to show at the MotoGP World Championships

Photo: Repsol / Grand Prix

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The last two years have not been easy for Mark Marquez. But if you follow MotoGP, I suspect you have to go so far to know it. In the last 36 Premier-class races, the Spaniard has missed 19 – more than 52% of them – sometimes due to a broken right arm or other visual impairments.

This painful sequence of injuries has caused a series of debates, many of them, including the professional future of the six-time champion. After all, after so many injuries, hanging out on your helmet, at 29, isn’t it time to do something else?

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Mark Marquez had to do a recovery test in Austin (photo: Repsol)

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Mark, who returned to MotoGP last week and spoke for the first time about his tragic accident in Mandalay, made it clear that he still wanted MotoGP. The passion for the game continues to be greater than the injuries. But Alex’s brother also admits he’s afraid of diplopia, which makes him look double.

Indonesian concussion chapter is the third manifestation of this symptom. The first happened in 2011, again in the days of Moto2, requiring surgery. Second last year, after an accident during endurance training.

Mark says these moments are very difficult. After all, vision problems are a nuisance 24 hours a day, and they are independent of movement or activity. Open your eyes, it is. Not much to do or how to ‘dodge’. This is a situation that affects his daily life full time. It transcends professional boundaries.

In the midst of all these setbacks, it is only natural that doubts should arise. And more within itself, than others. Am I still the same as before? Do I still have the same flame that I had before?

If Mark had asked himself one of those questions between the 2020 season and last Sunday’s Grand Prix, I think Austin’s betting would have answered him. Whether it was the 2010 125cc Portuguese GP, the 2011 Moto2 Australian GP or the 2012 middle-class Japanese and Valencian GP, ​​it was Marquez from the US GP who fascinated him in racing for some reason. He found himself on the back of the pack, but he used wild comebacks to win or finish between pointers.

Austin # 93 was able to leave the viewer with his eyes fixed on the track to see how far he could go after a setback several times. During this time, a still unexplained problem with the RC213V persisted in the early days of the US GP – a race he often dominated. But Marquez, as we are used to seeing, would not leave it at that, would he? He did not!

The Honda Rider tried to set a very strong pace and climbed the field. By the end of the first round, he had advanced to 16th place. In seventh place, it was already in the top-10. Mark finished the race in sixth place just over 6 seconds behind winner Ene Bastianini.

The GP of the United States has shown that the suffering of recent years has frightened Mark Marquez and may have left some mark, but it did not rob him of the courage to always seduce him along the way. It does not deprive him of the ability to face every race like a championship end. Injuries do not kill talent or ability.

Mark needs to change his driving style to protect himself a little more physically. But if you do, it will be optional. The injury was not forcing him. The six-time champion is still in MotoGP. Seeing him there is still a gift.

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