Maroons-Donnacona: there will be an ultimate game

Maroons-Donnacona: il y aura un match ultime

Yes, there will be a third and final match in the series between the Maroons at Metal Perreault of Donnaona Sunday afternoon at the arena Jacques-Chagnon.

At Donnacona, on Saturday night, the Maroons lost 2-1. The Sunday game will begin on the stroke of 15h.

“It was a good game series, explained Miguel Fortin. We clearly dominated the second and third periods, but we lost the meeting in first (which ended 2-0 in favour of the premises) because it is removed with much less force than the opponent.”

The Maroons have dominated 42-36 in shots, which were launched 21 times and only in the third period. François Lacerte was very good in front of the cage waterloise, but it seems that Dwayne Rodrigue has been even better.

“Rodrigue has been good, but we were also unlucky a couple of times by hitting the pole,” noted Fortin.

Samuel Landry and the former Maroons Josh Desmarais registered the goals of the Metal Perreault. Patrick has been the only marker of the visitors.

The attack on five of the Maroons has been zero seven. Metal Perreault has had the same poor statistics, but it is less evil in the victory.

The Maroons were deprived of the services of Jonathan Delorme, who has been punished with a mandatory one-game suspension after the penalty for blow of the stick he had received on Friday. In contrast, Jonathan Bouchard was back in the game after having been suspended for a meeting.

Now all that remains is to see if Jason’s Crack and Charles Power will be back for the ultimate game, them that is said to be ready for a return since a few weeks already.

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