Maroons: Godbout breaststroke cards

Maroons: Godbout brasse les cartes

President of the Maroons of Waterloo, David Godbout announced on Monday morning, a few changes aimed at curbing the wrong sequence team. Assistant coach Olivier Laliberté has been thanked, while defender Guillaume Veilleux will now have the title of assistant captain.

Before the game against Joliette next Saturday, the Maroons will also hold a meeting “to leave on good foundations”.

Godbout said that he had made these decisions without consulting the head coach and general manager Miguel Fortin. A friend of Laliberté in the life of every day, Fortin has preferred not to comment on his dismissal.

Having cashed four defeats in its last five games, the training waterloise currently occupies the 8th place (10 teams) within the League of senior hockey AAA du Québec.

More details to come.

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