Maroons: “We can win this series”

Maroons: «On peut gagner cette série»

Miguel Fortin is not crazy : he knows very well that the lovers who favour the Maroons in the series the best of seven games between them in the air Conditioning Cloutier of Cap-de-la-Madeleine are very, very few.

“I know, I understand, but I don’t really think that we can win this series, ruled Fortin. We are not favourites, that’s clear, but if the guys have the same level of investment in the face of the Cap-de-la-Madeleine than in the series in the face of Donnacona, we can win. “

The Maroons have lost their two games against the air-Conditioning Cloutier this season : losing 9-4 to Cap-de-la-Madeleine in mid-January, and 6-1 at the arena Jacques-Chagnon in the last match of the calendar.

The air Conditioning Cloutier (14-6-2, second in the standings) has won eight of its last 10 regular season games. We are also talking about the second attack of the most productive hockey League senior AAA.

“It is a big attack, which can do a lot of damage, takes Fortin, which will David Lapierre at his side Friday, in the Mauricie and Saturday in Waterloo. We have tightened our defensive last week against Donnacona, it bore fruit, and it is necessary to continue in the same vein. Defensively, he is going to play hockey almost flawless. “

François Lacerte, who has done well the things in front of the net in the first round, will face the fire of the air Conditioning Cloutier Friday. Jason Crack and Charles Power may be income to the game on the occasion of the decisive match in the face of Donnacona, last Sunday, they will return to heal their wounds at the end of the week. Captain Alex Side is not available on Friday and Charles-Antoine Jolin is still injured shoulder, even if he could return the next weekend.

“We played good matches with big absent at the first two meetings the end of last week, recalled Fortin. It’s not complicated, we will still stick together. If the level of investment of the guys who are there is still high, I repeat, it’s going to be okay. “

Inspirational words

Miguel Fortin has liked the comments made by Yann Joseph in the Voice of The Is a result of the second and decisive victory in the face of Donnacona. The colleague Jonathan Gagnon, the veteran stated that ” many people believe that it is already beaten (in second round). But considering our performance today, I think we will sell dearly our skin “.

“I like to read things like that, said Fortin. Yann is a leader, and words like these are inspiring. He has already won and he knows what it takes to win. If he said it to a journalist, he will repeat to his team-mates. “

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