November 28, 2023

Marriage of Leandro Carnal and Vitor Vadol: Criticism of the age difference gets clear answers

Leandro Carnal I took on thefor the first time publicly, Marriage quickly became the target of a host of criticisms. Most of them were killed 32 years difference Between the 59-year-old historian and commentator on CNN and the singer, Vitor Fadul, 27, his chosen one. Many also regretted the fact Karnal is in a relationship with a guyas also happened with Marcos Caruso, when the actor surprised many when he appeared as bisexual.

“I am entering the second week of a holiday trip with my husband, Vitor Fadul. Love is a gift and an achievement. We are entering the fourth year of living together,” she said, showing a photo of the trip through Italy.

Then the historian justified the fact that he decided to expose his love life: “I never thought that personal life was so closely related to third parties … However, there seems to be a moment when Not declaring can appear to be consistent with prejudice. I’m a happy person! Love is part of it“.

Leandro Karnal gives the best responses to criticism

Before Rain of criticismLeandro Carnal again decided to speak out and show his discontent with the prejudice of many of his followers.

“No one is free decadenceNetizen fired. For there to be decadence, it is necessary that you have reached a climax. You are free,” Karnal replied.Looks like your sonanother said. No problem, you look like my aunt,” the historian warned.

May God have mercy on him of your life, “wrote a third Internet user.” If I believe you, I will at least ask you not to go to the heaven near you,” answered Karnal. He has studied, read, traveled, taught many lessons, met and known by the greatest personalities of the country. Facing the most important decision in life, Choosing someone half your age? Here is the incoherent wisdom,” a netizen lamented. If you ever need to marry again, remind me to get your advice first. My goal is to have a life like yours,” Karnal quipped.

Celebrities congratulate Leandro Carnal’s wedding

In addition to the many criticisms, Leandro Carnal also received many congratulations For the relationship that lasted 4 years, exposed on the web. And Gabriela Prioli commented: “Oh, beauties.” “May it bloom more and more,” Fabiana Carla wished.

“It’s good to see love and happiness running through my feed,” completed Fatima Bernardes, who is also in a relationship with a much younger man, Tulio Gadella, who also drew numerous criticisms of the web presenter for their 25-year age difference.