Martin Lizotte, more than a pianist

Martin Lizotte, plus qu’un pianiste

Martin Lizotte has beautiful work mostly in the shade, it certainly does pique the curiosity. When he goes on stage, it invites the public to an evening “wine and cheese”, during which it searches for “agreements on the best sounds and images” thanks to its piano, video projections (that he himself made) as well as a “surprise box sounds and doodads fanciful that it incorporates in its staging”.

“People are going to be full of their eyes and their ears,” he promises at the end of the wire. “I improvise a lot, I always leaves this door open, and sometimes I even extend beyond the framework of the music to share everything that passes me by the head with a touch of humor.”

With him on stage, his faithful accomplice Mathieu Désy, “the only doctor in double bass at the countries’ and the producer of his two albums. “He is amazing, he plays the five-string double bass, and manages to garner the effects of a cello I don’t know how,” says the musician.

“When I compose, I am looking for all the angles possible of melody. I’m pretty intuitive in my way of working. A bit like a scientist.”

Funny to bibitte

It is, therefore, a real adventure that Martin Lizotte invites the audience to discover the funny to bibitte it is.

Pianist, keyboardist and composer for more than 15 years, he has worked — and still works — with a good number of the names of the quebec music scene. The Daniel Bélanger, Jean Leloup, Martin Léon, Bernard Adamus, Yann Perreau and Karkwa of this world.

He also composed soundtracks for documentaries, and even for circus troupes.

Oddly enough, before his first album, Pianolitudes, which has been selected at the ADISQ awards in 2014 in the category of instrumental Album, it had never been the owner of a piano, ” he says. “I was always playing on the instrument of the other. I had a good inventory of keyboards, however, but I became a father, and I wanted something more sleek.”

It is, therefore, obtained her first “real piano”, and has wanted to record an album. “When I compose, I am looking for all the angles possible of melody. I’m pretty intuitive in my way of working. A bit like a scientist”, shows the one who first tried his luck in pure sciences at cegep before enrolling in music.

“It is also a form of meditation,” he said. I’m in search of a certain state of grace.” Perhaps it is because it succeeds as it is said of his second album, Ubiquity, that it is “a work of a modern classic wandering and mystical”…

Like the first, this latest offering following the birth of her second child. “Each piece is linked to a particular moment, a bit like a trinket that is reported as a souvenir of travel”, image-t-it.

Ubiquity has also won in 2018 the price experimental Album at the GAMIQ, and instrumental Album at the ADISQ awards. Facts to note: these honours arrive 20 years after winning his first prize of the national final of Cégeps en spectacle in 1998, with his trio Maelstrom.

The disc is also, you guessed it, in the heart of the show unusual is the fact that it will present at the Maison de la culture de Waterloo, Friday next.

As Martin Lizotte has become a father for a third time a little while ago, it’s a safe bet that a third album should see the light of day eventually. “It is necessary that I put in!” grants-t he says, laughing.

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