August 17, 2022
Mass vomiting: why even those who didn't eat meat with caterpillars at a barbecue in SP got sick |  Santos and the region

Mass vomiting: why even those who didn’t eat meat with caterpillars at a barbecue in SP got sick | Santos and the region

A barbecue was organized in Itanhaém, on the coast of São Paulo, and ended disastrously for 16 participants. This happened after everyone, including those who had not eaten, started vomiting after noticing that the piece of meat was so infested with larvae. ‘Mass vomiting’ ended the party of 36-year-old nurse aide Kelly Toftera, and it went viral on social media.

Video taken by g 1 Shows family rebellion. Kelly, who lives in Norway, organized the event after she rented a house to bring together people she hadn’t seen for a long time. The meat was roasted with maggots and some people tasted it, but the problem was noticed by her sister who at first thought they were “salad bugs”.

With “surprise,” all 16 participants at the barbecue vomited, even those who had not consumed the product. “Everyone ran, stuck their fingers in their throats. Everyone vomited. It was awful.” Her daughter and two nieces had more serious problems, such as diarrhoea. “It was a shame. I call my family to eat meat and something like that happens,” he said wistfully.

a g 1 I spoke with a specialist this Tuesday (12) to understand why people, even those who, according to Kelly, had not eaten worm-infested meat, began to feel ill immediately upon notification that the product was contaminated. The reason, she says, is psychological, caused by disgust, not actually physical.

“This Itanhaém story is completely different. It seems to me that there was a mass outbreak. In such cases, we understand suggestibility, a psychological issue that allows someone to have an order, an experience, from a direction. He had the same meat problem and with it a movement anxiety could lead to symptoms in the person,” explains Fernanda Siri, a psychologist specializing in organizational psychology and people management.

According to her, these symptoms may have manifested in a physical way with consequent vomiting, even in those who did not eat meat. “People are affected by each other. They all have the same behavior of getting rid of that food that was in the body and have the same reaction. A small group of people. This can eventually happen. Babies are more suggestive,” he says.

Also, according to Siri, in some cases a physiological problem may have affected. “Because some people did not eat, the emotional problem contributes to the strongest sensations. We had the case of students who were helped. Anxiety crisis at a public school in Recife. This may be what happened in Itanheim. He concludes that these are situations that we perceive to affect a particular group of people.”

A nurse’s assistant found larvae in meat purchased from Extra Market in Itanhaém, SP – Photo: Kelly Beck Tofteraa

What do the officials say?

In a note, Mercado Extra stated that they immediately replaced the product, and that the item was on its shelf life. The company also said it does not handle the product in any way on its premises because it is a vacuum-packed cut of meat.

JBS said Freeboy sent a technician to check market conditions and the consumer’s home. According to the company, the issue is being analyzed by the responsible sectors and a technical response will be sent in the coming days.

The nursing assistant said everyone vomited when he noticed the meat contained larvae in Itanhaém, SP – Photo: Kelly Beck Tofteraa