Massey-Vanier will host the Vics

Massey-Vanier accueillera les Vics

The people of Massey-Vanier strike a great blow : starting in the next season, they will host the excellence program of the Vics.

The program of excellence of the Vics, it is the Vics bantam AAA notes and the Vics pee-wee AAA reports. And now a request has been made in order to get a team in the pee-wee AAA in order to 2019-2020.

By doing this, the teams of the program of excellence of the Vics are going to change your identity. They will become the Governors of Massey-Vanier, as the training benjamine, junior and juvenile high school Cowansville.

The coming of the Vics comes to enrich a hockey program, that of Massey-Vanier, which has proven its worth and has become one of the most credible in Quebec. We can not count the number of championships won by the Governors over the years and the number of players produced by the program, directed by Patrick Bergeron, is constantly on the increase.

This season, the players of the Vics bantam AAA notes are studying in a secondary school in the Upper Town, Granby. The divorce between the two entities is done amicably, it seems. The difficulty of having school bus transportation for all players from our region to the vast territory was, it seems, a point against High-City.

“We have 14 programs of study in sport with us, rowing horse riding through the hockey, and it is of the opinion that we can help even more young players to wait their objectives, first and foremost, on an academic level,” says the director of the francophone sector of Massey-Vanier, Jean-Luc Pitre. The arrival of the Vics will be even more shine our school, but she will still a little more shine public school, and that is also important. With four people dedicated solely to the sport-studies with us, it was a expertise that may be called valuable. “

Massey-Vanier accueillera les Vics

Just recently, the Governors benjamins Massey-Vanier (here the sweaters of pale) won the title of the class school in the Tournament pee-wee of Waterloo.


But it is obviously Patrick Bergeron, who negotiated the agreement with the people of the Vics. It has mainly been dealing with Olivier Maltais, director and technical advisor to the program of excellence of the organization, which has also had discussions with the people of the Mont-Sacré-Coeur.

“We have extensively discussed, analyzed, points out Bergeron, who started the hockey program of Massey Vanier 20 years ago and which has mounted from A to Z. The people of Vics work hard in order to advance their players, and I sincerely believe that the young people will have a framework that will allow them to develop to their full potential with us. “

Bergeron will become the director and the technical advisor of the new teams of Massey-Vanier, which will continue to evolve within the hockey League of excellence of Quebec. And if you ask the question, he has no intention of abandoning its functions as a coach with the Inouk.

“I leave my work to Patrick ! , lance smiling Olivier Maltais. All what we want, we, is offer the best guidance to our young people. The program of Massey-Vanier has proven its worth, Patrick Bergeron has been proven and I am confident that our youth will be the winners of change the offer. “

The young Vics pee-wee AAA notes, it must be said, are in the sixth grade. But they will be beautiful and well integrated to the structure of Governors.

To avoid any confusion, Olivier Maltais has also held to clarify that the Vics will continue to exist at the level of AA and BB. No, this is not the death of the organization that has helped to give Granby its letters of nobility in the field of hockey.

“But we’re in 2019 and, for the good of our young people, it is necessary to adjust “, he concluded.

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