September 25, 2022
MasterChef Brasil: Jason delivers a ruined cake and gets dumped

MasterChef Brasil: Jason delivers a ruined cake and gets dumped

An excited Jason said goodbye to the ninth season of the talent show, which was praised by colleagues. Later, in an interview with, the contestant justified his failure in the bakery. He believes that if he had more time, the cake would be different:

“It doesn’t put anyone down, but if I had more time in the freezer I would leave with 5 stars. The one I planned had a lot more flavor, was the original Charlotte. They [a Melina e o Rafael, que também fizeram a prova] Deliver the stuffed bun,” he said.

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Jason, an urban construction specialist, reveals that from day one on the show he felt uncomfortable making gastronomy a life venture. “It was a nuisance inside me, something telling me I was changing, an energy that wanted to get out. From now on, I will empower myself more. I am sure I will leave better than I came.”

In the future, the amateur chef intends to have his own business. “I’ve been thinking about starting a small business for a long time. Now, more than ever, I have this drive to develop a product, a brand or a line,” he celebrates.

For now, he still doesn’t know, but he keeps, in his heart and memory, moments he will never forget. My favorite was Pia Leon’s culinary opportunity. Last week, the chef came out on top by repeating a chef’s dish.

“I am delighted to be able to replicate the number 1 chef dish in the world which is amazing. You have made me unique and I will carry it with me for the rest of my life.” Shake it!

What happened in the thirteenth episode of MasterChef

The role of the judges

In today’s episode (9), the chefs made the market for the participants. The test was conducted in duels.

Renato, who won last week’s challenge, chose to take on Rafael, using ingredients chosen by Fogaça. Jason invited Fernanda to the match, using Helena Rizzo’s basket. Melina and Liz worked with the input identified by Jacqueen.

After one hour of competition, Renato, Fernanda and Liz won the dispute. All three made, respectively, recipes from pork belly, sardines and frog.

The new Alaskan bread?

In the elimination competition, Raphael, Jason and Melina had to make a Charlotte cake. The recipe took two hours to prepare and caused strong feelings in the kitchen.

The night ended with Melina’s victory and Jason’s elimination. The fifth season of the ninth season has been released, stay tuned!