March 30, 2023
MasterChef Brazil: Rafael has been disqualified and says Fernanda was done in exams

MasterChef Brazil: Rafael has been disqualified and says Fernanda was done in exams

Eric JackenIn turn, make sure how dedicated the computer science student is and how well he cooks. For the chef, the test was laid out in detail: “The meat is finished,” he said as he commented on the pork wrapped in bacon, with the accompanying sauce and vegetables.


In an interview with the end of the recordings, Rafael lamented the result. He says the semi-finals increased the pressure, and since the first race of the night, he’s had to reproduce bowls of Masterchef Professionalsdistressed.

“Anxiety hit a lot. I was so nervous and ended up offering everything, because in the market I didn’t get half of the things I wanted.”

The student says he charges too much for himself and, still in the kitchen, was paralyzed when he heard about his exclusion. He even tried, but could not hide his sadness and rolled his eyes at Fernanda’s celebration. The two have been rivals all season.

“If there was a final with Renato and Liz, I would have held my head high. They deserved so much. But Fernanda stayed outside. [do programa] Half of the competition, it was not a positive highlight. Now he won the first race, because it was done in team races,” he replied.

Despite his anger, Rafael accepts and agrees to the jury’s evaluation. “Today she is [a Fernanda] He deserved to win, yes, that was fair,” he points out. Positive comments from the cast impressed the contestant. “I always doubted my ability to cook so much and wondered if I was really good or not. Now, I think I have a future in it, I’m very happy, it’s very good.”

Rafael wants to be a professional

In addition to being instigated by Helena Rizzo, the amateur chef plans to follow in the chef’s footsteps. Like her, he plans to study gastronomy in Spain: “This is what I will do. I have a year to graduate, but I will close it […] Now, I want to train somewhere, preferably in Rio, and work out for a few months. Then I’ll see how it goes,” he says.

A fan of the show, Rafael is a fan of professional cuisine and intends to continue in the area with caution and care. “I really respect the profession and know that no one will ever leave a MasterChef to become a chef! Neither who wins nor who loses. I don’t have the slightest ability to leave here and open a restaurant, I need to learn a lot,” he concludes. Good luck, Rafael!

What happened in the sixteenth episode of MasterChef

They are back

In the first challenge of the night, the top three were surprised by the unexpected visit of daisyAnd the Pablo And the RaphaelAnd the The Three Champions of MasterChef Professionals. The proof that secured first place in the 2022 season finale was the reproduction of the three winning dishes.

Tongue, duck or carcass?

It sets, being the best in the last rating, the recipe each rider should prepare. The designer chose Daisy’s recipe, while he appointed Pablo for Raphael and Raphael for Fernanda.

At the end of 1 hour 15 minutes, Lays had the best performance and celebrated the classification in the emotional final. Rafael bit his tongue out a little hard and gave Fernanda a burnt duck.

banquet night

As usual, at the last tasting before the final, the participants prepared a delicious feast for the chefs. The task was to cook pork loin wrapped in bacon with sauce and accompaniment.

Who goes to the final?

The disagreement was dramatic and specific in the details. At the end of the tasting, Jacquin, Fogaça and Helena liked Fernanda’s dish better. The meat’s cooking point was the differential, ensuring the wolf’s place in the finale next to Liz. Raphael emotionally left the program.