March 31, 2023
MasterChef Brazil: Renato eliminated, Eric Jaquin laments: 'You were excellent'

MasterChef Brazil: Renato eliminated, Eric Jaquin laments: ‘You were excellent’

Eric Jacken He made no secret of his disappointment with the result: “I am sad to see you leave at this point in the program because you were an excellent competitor, an excellent cook here at MasterChef,” lamented the Frenchman.

Fire in the kitchen

Renato hugged the trio of chefs and left the studio applauding. Later, at the end of the recordings, the man from Bara spoke with In an exclusive interview. He was upset by the exclusion, but proud of his career:

Very close to the final [falta apenas 1 episódio] The pressure increases dramatically. I felt the responsibility of my colleagues thinking I was a strong competitor, people from outside sending me messages, and it multiplied. I couldn’t focus on the race, I was so airy and restless,” he admits.

Despite making it to the top four in the competition, Paraense only made four elimination events throughout the match. The lack of experience with such complex challenges, he said, was a flaw. “There is no training, it causes some discomfort that hurts us.”

After his long dream of participating in the program, he was confident that such dedication would make him go further. “It was years of studying, right? Every time I signed up and didn’t enter, I studied more and gained knowledge. I think I came here at the right time here,” he wonders despite defeat.

Captain Will Pride

Believing he could have focused more on the elimination challenge, Renato is now absorbing everything that has happened to make way for new opportunities. There is little regret, but there is also a much bigger issue, which is that the duty is done. I’ve already fulfilled the dream of getting into the kitchen at Masterchef Brasil and that’s too big,” he celebrates.

In addition to the result, he knows that in Capitão Poço, the city in which he lives in Barra, he has already become a source of pride. There, even in the open air, friends celebrated the conquest of the chef, who entered the rating of the best amateur in Brazil.

From now on, you will have to engage more in gastronomy, both as a personal chef or, in the future, running his own restaurant. “I don’t intend to go back to my old job, I think that would take a step back. The kitchen has always been in my heart and I will continue to walk this path. It’s amazing to see people have taken my perseverance and resilience. A dream is always possible,” he concludes with optimism. Congratulations, Renato.

What happened in the fifteenth episode of MasterChef Brasil

field selection

Direct from Corinthians Stadiumin Sao Paulo, took the top four in Masterchef Brazil Created a four-step tasting menu inspired by the World Cup. Every cook had to make a recipe using typical Brazilian ingredients. Rafael, who won the race the previous week, split the team.

Lays prepared the appetizer with cashews, Raphael made the first main course with cachaça, Fernanda made the second main course with bananas, and dessert Renato created with tokobi.

stars on the table

In addition to pressing for a place in the semi-finals, chefs sampled recipes by former player Edmilson and players Andressa Alves and Christian and chef Pablo Peralta. At the end of the dispute, the winner was Raphael, who presented an elegant and delicious guinea fowl, according to Helena Rizzo.

traditional and scary

Chefs’ exclusion test served a classic model of the program: the cocoa test. Participants received a visit from Ale Costa and had to prepare a free recipe with fruit derivatives, such as honey and cachaca.

Least is more?

After 1:30, Liz was elected MVP for the challenge, while Renato and Fernanda were in the hot seat. The guy from Bara decided to make a tasting menu when tasting, but got in the way and ended up serving only one dish that, according to the chefs, “doesn’t represent him.” The contestant was the 14th eliminated from the season.