July 22, 2024

Mateus Verdiello explains to the police why he didn’t react when he heard “insults” from Renato Khalil to Chantal.

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Mateus (1)
Mateus (1)

Matthews Verdelho, Husband Chantal Verdelho, testified to the police about the behavior of obstetrician-gynecologist Renato Khalil, Responsible for conducting the birth of Dominica, the couple’s second daughter. According to Monica Bergamo, of Folha de S.Paulo, the model said she heard “insults” from the doctor directed at Shantal, at the procedure in September last year.

Matthew’s testimony was given on December 20, a few days before Christmas. According to the businessman’s account, he did not respond to insults as he prioritized the welfare of his wife and child. Furthermore, he stated that Khalil called him”Look at your wife’s vagina“, Commenting on “how many rips“.

Verdelho said he realized the comment was sexual in nature, but didn’t care at the time. “All his feelings were related to his daughter“Not for Chantal’s body,” the testimony said. The model also said that only the couple “Logical“What happened later, when he stopped to watch the birth photography, and he was like”shocked“.

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In leaked audio recordings, Chantal vented about the birth of her second child with Mateus Verdelho. (Photo: clone)

Khalil’s lawyer, Celso Velardi, claimed he had no access to the investigation, but said the influencer’s action was quiet. Velardi also stated that the doctor’s behavior has always been guided by “good practices”, following the necessary protocols. Chantal’s lawyer, Serge Kobra Arbex, noted that the operation was confidential and therefore could not comment on the businessman’s testimony.

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Remember the case

In September, Chantal Verdilo gave birth to Domenica, her second daughter with Mateus Verdelho. After some time, sounds and videos began to circulate on the Internet, where the influencer spoke about the behavior of the obstetrician-gynecologist Renato Calel, who is responsible for the delivery procedure.

Among the accusations leveled at the doctor, who deleted his personal files on social media because of the controversy, was that he would have revealed the gender of the child on social media, before Chantal could tell his family. The influencer chose not to know if she was expecting a boy or a girl before giving birth. Also, according to the report, Renato was going to embarrass and expose Chantal to her husband and also to other patients.

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In leaked audio recordings, Chantal vents about the birth of her second child with Mateus Verdelho. (Photo: clone)

The case had taken this direction after the influencer chose not to perform an episiotomy – an incision in the perineum to facilitate the passage of the baby, recommended only in high-risk deliveries. I found out he talked about my vagina to other people. Like: ‘Oh, it’s folded, if you don’t have an episiotomyAnd It will remain as is. Once again breaking the medical secrecy”Note in another excerpt from the recordings.

“He called my husband and said, ‘Look here, they’re all broken, I’m going to have to sew her frog a lot. He used to say something like, ‘Look, where you have sex, it’s all bad’ because she doesn’t want an episiotomy. He didn’t have to do this. He doesn’t even know if I have such intimacy with my husband. There are people who don’t There were several very bad situations for him. It was horrible.”, lamented.

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Finally, Verdilo says she couldn’t watch her husband’s birth video, as Khalil could have called her names at all times. Simply put, when we watched the video, it was (Kalil) The whole work curses me. Spoken: ‘F*ck, try it. Mother daughter, do not drive properly. A little freaky. What hate. Don’t move, damn it… It’s a lot of swearing and swearing. After I saw it all, it was awful.”, vent. Check all case details by clicking here.

How do you reach?

To report childbirth violence, you can register at the hospital, clinic or maternity hospital where the treatment took place. It is also possible to file a complaint by calling 180 or 136 or by calling 0800 7019656 from the National Supplementary Health Agency regarding complaints related to the HMO’s service.

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