Mathieu Ostiguy and Chloe Choinard on the same wavelength

Mathieu Ostiguy et Chloe Choinard sur la même longueur d’onde

They know each other since a year and a half ago, but already, they know that they will have a good stretch of the road together. Or rather, several tricks, jumps and worn. And if all of this seems easy on the ice, be aware that the magic of Mathieu Ostiguy and his partner Chloe Choinard takes birth well before they donned their skates.

The skaters, aged respectively 21 and 16 years, were matched by their respective coaches in the spring of 2017. Quickly, the chemistry has to be operated. “A few weeks later, I moved to Montreal ! “recalls Chloe.

If it was a first experience in a duet for the Ontario native out of the corner of Belleville, he was also a new challenge for the Angèloirien, who has skated alongside Justine Brasseur between the spring 2014 and January 2017.

“It’s a whole new person. It is the rhythm that changes, what are the techniques that change. He had to learn to communicate and that it fits together to find our rhythm and our way of doing “, he says.

Trust and complicity are quickly installed, pursues Chloe. “For me, the most difficult was learning to communicate and choreograph with someone else while I’ve always skated alone,” says the young athlete of 16 years. But I already had a good foundation, especially for the jumps, so it went well ! “

“It was unlocked fairly quickly, confirms his partner. It was even impressive to see her go on her jumps. Usually, it takes some time before it can be robust to this kind of technique, but after a few weeks, Chloe the master very well. “


The ice does not set a time to be broken. To their first championship in tandem, which took place in August 2017 in Pierrefonds, the duo placed a hand on the bronze medal. “People were looking at us and we said : “You go so well together ! “that”, admitted then Mathieu the Voice of The Is.

The two are so well assorted that, like many of the partners in figure skating, Chloe and Mathieu are often considered to be a real couple. “It makes us laugh,” says Ostiguy. For us, on the ice, it is as if we were actors. This should be made clear to people from time to time. We take for a couple, it is a compliment for us. “

Mathieu Ostiguy et Chloe Choinard sur la même longueur d’onde

The duo trains on the ice for about twenty hours per week, most often at a rate of five sessions of three to four hours.


To hear, it is easy to see that the one and the other one devoted to respect and admiration. “He always made me laugh, and it helps relax the atmosphere of our training sessions,” says Chloe of her partner who, in return, appreciate his ability to listen.

Their first international competition, in Latvia, was also a defining moment for both athletes.

“For me, it was the seventh time that I took part in a competition of this scale. But as it was the first time for Chloe, it made me relive my first experiences and I’ve seen the competition from a different angle, ” says Mathieu.

Several mishaps have been a regular event, starting with a missed connecting flight to Brussels. On the ice, the long program that was to last for four minutes instead took three times more time before being completed. “At the start, it is the music of someone else, which is set to play, says Mathieu. And then, someone put it on pause in the middle ! “

After going through this adventure — earning him a seventh place —, Chloe and Mathew were ready to do anything for the rest of the things. “It has been taken, laughing,” says the latter. Despite it all, this experience has been super fun, and our performances have been super good. “

Ready for the next step

The duo trains on the ice for about twenty hours per week, most often at a rate of five sessions of three to four hours.

“We work hard ; 90 % of the time, we are the first on the ice, in the morning, says Mathieu. “We are not here to waste our time. We never have to convince the other to do more, because you give everything that we have all the time. It puts us in confidence, because we know we always gave our maximum. “

The efforts do not cease to bear fruit. In November, the skaters were crowned champions in a couple junior college, in Gatineau, on the occasion of the Championships Was the Quebec section of figure skating. Then, earlier this month, they were covered with gold in their category at Challenge Skate Canada.

The next year, the duo will make the leap among the seniors. A new stage, which does not stress any of the skaters, who are even enthusiastic.

“It doesn’t alter our planning. We are preparing for it since the beginning of our season, to arrive with confidence at this new level, says Mathieu Ostiguy. We are going to skate in the great court, there to our place and enjoy to the maximum this experience. We go there to learn and to grow. “

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