May 31, 2023
'Matou' · TV news

‘Matou’ · TV news

Isadora Larissa Manuela will finally remember a face David (Rafael Vitti) in behind the illusion. You will realize that Rafael is, in fact, the alleged killer of Elisa (Larissa Manuela). In the scene, it is her dead sister who will return from abroad to help her unravel the magician’s farce in Globo’s Sixth Opera. “You killed my sisterThe girl cried.

From the day of marriage Joachim (Danilo Mesquita), Isadora will begin to dream about her relative who died more than ten years ago. On “Dating”, Elisa will ask Isadora to wake up and tell her that she needs to wake up. One of these “coma” too It will take place during a redhead weddingAt the wedding, on the wedding night.

Unable to deal with the union of his great love and Joaquim, Davy will decide to leave Campos dos Goytacazes (RJ). He’ll want to go after the expert who can prove his innocence so he can go back to town and tell Isadora the whole truth. This way, he will think that he can save the girl from his son’s clutches Ursula (Barbara Paz).

Upon learning that Davey/Raphael is leaving, the tailor will run after him to say goodbye. “It will not only be your life that will be miserable. for me too. But this is what fate wanted for both of us, what can we do? The only thing I ask of you is a happy memory of our last meeting. hug me? ‘ asked the girl.

The prankster will smile sadly and hug her. Then the two collapse into a hearty shriek. Finally, he will take a deep breath, bend over the floor and pick up a handful of scraps: “I will leave you with a happy memory. I have learned
This trick Many years ago and only presented it once. For a very special person. same to you. He’ll clasp his hands together and blow hard.

Isadora overcomes shock with magic

Isadora will react, as if she is remembering something. Then it will also inflate. David will open his hands and several butterflies will fly away.

Immediately, the image will bring Isadora back to the first act: the image of Davi on the street in Poços de Caldas (MG) will be very clear in her mind. In the sequence, the image of Elisa in her dream will return: “Wake up, Doreenha! Wake up! You have to wake up!”.

Isadora, before David, will bounce, shocked and terrified:

my Lord! I remembered! Is this you! David! I remembered everything! Since I met you doing tricks in the square, in Poços de Caldas. From your show at Elisa’s party. Since I saw you two kissing on the gazebo. my Lord! You killed my sister!

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