November 29, 2022
Matthews Costa slams Operário-PR in turn to Vasco: 'We're loose' |  public relations agent

Matthews Costa slams Operário-PR in turn to Vasco: ‘We’re loose’ | public relations agent

a Coach Mateus Costa Make a big bang after public relations agent Leave a win for the third time and will defeat Vasco 3-2, this Tuesday, in Ponta Grossa.

At the opening of the coach’s press conference The team is called “soft” – Including – for not being able to keep score after serving twice in a match.

We are a loose team. I’m tired of hitting 44 minutes and not keeping score. We have to apologize to the fans but we are indulgent. There is no such thing (about the role). We don’t have the personality to wear an Operário-PR shirt at the moment. I participate in this.

– Vent the coach at the press conference.

The ghost reached the fifth inning without a win and is in an awkward position. The team is 18th with 32 points and has five games to avoid falling.

Despite the situation – and the explosion, Costa said the club will continue to believe as long as they have arithmetic chances.

Alfinegro is four points behind the first team outside the relegation zone, Nofrizontino.

– As long as I am here, I will believe to the end. We have the conditions to win, but we can’t maintain them. Let’s get to work, we know the teams are “swinging”. I will do my best to get the PR employee out of this situation – concluded.

Mateus Costa caused a huge explosion after the defeat to Vasco – Photo: Guilherme Moreira

Operário-PR returns to the field against Chapecoense, Saturday, 11 a.m., in Chapecó. The duel is valid for round 34 of the Brazilian B Series.