February 5, 2023
Mauricio Sousa denies being a criminal and refutes criticism of Pablo Vitar - Nacional

Mauricio Sousa denies being a criminal and refutes criticism of Pablo Vitar – Nacional

Mauricio Souza, former Minas State athlete (Photo: FIVB)

Mauricio Sousa has returned to the controversy that led to this

Termination of your contract with Minas

. The volleyball player defended himself from the lines of singer Pablo Vitar, who reaffirmed the need to curb anti-gay rhetoric, as expressed by the player about the publication of a DC Comics comic book in which Superman reveals that he is bisexual.

The volleyball player posted in the video “Pablo Vitar, express your opinion on the crime, ie: child abuse, child sexual abuse, gender ideology and unlawful killing. I am a father, I will continue to defend families. Defend our children!” Posted on social networks.

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Last Thursday, Pablo Vitar shared with athlete Douglas Souza on the Conversa com Biel, on TV Globo, commenting on the controversy: “In 2021, we don’t have time for these lines anymore. It is very wrong to think that this is just one comment, that That’s a guess, that’s my opinion. The singer said anti-gay opinion is a crime, so deal with the consequences.”

Douglas Sousa, Mauricio’s partner on the men’s volleyball team during the Tokyo Olympics, also spoke on the topic again: “I’m a bit lazy, in fact, for someone who has time to talk about other people’s sexuality on the Internet. To me the player said “that Something for someone who has nothing to do.”

Pablo Vitar
Pablo Vitar (Photo: clones / social networks)

Also through social networks, Mauricio absolved himself of responsibility, saying that he only issued an opinion and

You think you are a victim of digital censorship

: “I’m a worker! I know where I come from and everything I built with a lot of struggle. Although I pictured myself in public,

The Internet is constantly threatening me

My family, clubs, sponsors and institutions. Digital censorship has taken me out of the vlei, ignoring everything I did for Brazil in the stadiums,” the player wrote.

In October, after an anti-gay demonstration on the networks, Mauricio exchanged barbs with Douglas Souza. Subsequently, the sponsors of Minas pressured the club to take a tougher decision. Then the player’s contract was terminated. Since leaving the volleyball team, Mauricio said he has already received invitations from political parties to enter public life and stand for the upcoming elections.