July 2, 2022
Mauricio Souza accused of homophobia to sue Globo, Casagrande and Andreoli TV News

Mauricio Souza accused of homophobia to sue Globo, Casagrande and Andreoli TV News

After being accused Homophobia by Felipe Andreoli And Walter Casagrande, volleyball player Mauricio Sousa, decided to sue the professional and Globo. This Saturday (30), Newton Dias, the athlete’s lawyer, said that the lawsuit should be filed in court in the next few days and that the former Minas Tennis player was shaken by the repercussions of the case.

“In my opinion, the damage done to Mauricio’s image is already irreversible. In Mauricio’s case, what he did was a reflection. There is no hate speech, which downplays sexual orientation, nothing of the sort. What was there was a reaction. They accuse him of a crime homophobia,” Dias points out the news.

According to the attorney, Globo, Casagrande and Andreoli will be sued for moral damages, defamation, defamation and injury. In addition, the defense has begun a survey of the accusations made by netizens against the athlete, which will also be referred to the court, with the possibility of a crime being committed. stalking (Harassment) is attached to the operations according to each case.

“All the people who followed Casagrande and Andreoli’s tone, they would likely be raised as well. [Souza] It is homophobia. Whoever believed in that word as being homophobic, will respond in court,” he explains.

Today, online lives are destroyed overnight. he is [Souza] He is very sad, but quite confident that he did not do anything much. In fact, we already have witnesses from the LGBTQIA+ community evaluating Mauricio’s behavior as a person. There have been no cases of homophobia in the national team [Brasileira de Vôlei] Or at the Minas Tennis Club. It is flexible, in the assimilation stage. He will have to rebuild his career.

NS the news He has reached out to consultants Globo, Walter Casagrande and Felipe Andreoli, but had not received any comments until this text was published.

understand the situation

The controversy surrounding Mauricio Sousa began on October 15. After DC Comics announced, in the comics, that the new Superman is bisexual. Al-Riyadi criticized the company’s creative decision. “Oh, it’s just a drawing, it’s not that important. This will see where we end up,” Souza said in a comment on his Instagram post.

Douglas Souza, volleyball player and LGBTQIA+ community representative in sportsThe news commented, “It’s funny that I didn’t turn into a heterosexual when I saw male superheroes kissing women. If a picture like this worries you, I’m sorry, but I have something new for your fragile sexual quality. There will be kissing, yes. Thank you, DC, to think about representing us all and not just a part.”

“At present, right is wrong and wrong is right. It does not depend on me. If you have to choose a side, I support the side that I think is right! I stick to my beliefs, my values ​​and my ideas,” supporter Jair Bolsonaro (no side) said indirectly to his fellow Brazilian Volleyball at the Tokyo Olympics.

The case gained momentum on social networks, and the sponsors of Minas Tênis Clube, in which Souza played, asked the entity to take “appropriate measures”. The athlete was removed and then expelled from the club.

On the SporTV team on Wednesday (27), Casagrande criticized the athlete, saying, “It’s a crime, it’s a coward and bad manners. Mainly and specifically Mauricio Souza. This guy, Mauricio Souza, is a homophobe, biased, possibly racist, cowardly and bad character.” .

At Globo Esporte on Thursday (28), Andreoli gave his opinion on the case. “Mauricio, homophobia is not an opinion, it is a crime, man, it kills! You committed this crime on the social network where you have 300,000 followers [Instagram]Then she went to apologize in one of her 50 years old [Twitter]? “Cowardly attitude,” said the owner of the sports car.

“One more thing, this issue is not political. You were not kicked out of Minas because you are conservative, right-wing or religious, or because of the internet shutdown. You were kicked out of Minas because you were anti-homophobic, and by the way they did not regret it. Homophobia is a crime and it is not respected” .